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This is a strategy guide for beating Arim the Bonescribe, a boss in Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance. Learn about Arim the Bonescribe's attack patterns, weaknesses, and tips and strategies for defeating them.

Arim the Bonescribe Battle Overview

Arim the Bonescribe
Dark Alliance - Arim the Bonescribe
Quest Crystalline Dreams
Act The Floating City

This boss is a stronger Mage Cultist type enemy. He will have the same moves as the normal mage cultist but with much more health and damage.

Arim the Bonescribe Attacks and Abilities

Laser Beam Spell

Energy blast.jpg
Arim the Bonescribe charges up and fires a beam at the player. This beam does not deal that much damage but hits multiple times, and becomes a threat when added up together. This attack is easy to see coming, making dodging it easy. If you see Arim aiming at you, just keep dodging until the beam ends!

Crystal Shield

Crystal Shield.jpg
Arim covers himself with an obelisk, making him immune to damage. After a short time, the obelisk explodes, dealing huge damage to anybody nearby. Once you see the obelisk, stay back and focus on any other enemy first while waiting for it to break. Be careful not to get close as the explosion of the obelisk can be fatal in one hit.

Energy Blast

Energy blast.jpg
Arim charges up and releases a blast of energy around him. This can be deadly and deal good damage, but on the flip side, this attack has a long wind-up time making it easy to avoid.

Tips & Strategies for Beating Arim the Bonescribe

Strategy Checklist
CheckmarkTake out the Minions First

CheckmarkWait for Him to Exhuast Himself

CheckmarkStay on the Move

Take out the Minions First

Focus on minions.jpg
Taking the minions as soon as possible is a good idea to help you focus on Arim. Luckily his attacks are easy to see coming and avoid, allowing you to ignore him and dodge his attacks while you clear out the small fries. Once they are all gone you can go ham on Arim. Watch out as Arim can still summon more enemies to fight with him, clear them out then continue focusing Arim down.

Wait for Him to Exhaust Himself

After a while of attacking, Arim will end up exhausting him temporarily. This will give you a window of opportunity to get in close and go ham on him. Be careful, once you attack him while he is exhausted, he will leave the exhausted state and start attacking again.

Stay on the Move

Summoned Enemy.jpg
Staying on the move is your best bet to avoiding all his attacks. They all have long wind-up times that are obviously telegraphed, giving you a lot of time to avoid his attacks. Even if it might be easy, you will want to stay on your toes, one good hit can be your demise.

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