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This is a strategy guide for beating Kelvin, a boss in Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance. Learn about Kelvin's attack patterns, weaknesses, and tips and strategies for defeating them.

Kelvin Battle Overview

Dark Alliance - Kelvin
Quest The Mask of Kelvin
Act The Face of Kelvin
Kevlin was a powerful forst giant jarl who forged an empire thousands of years ago. The center of his kingdom was the area that is now known as Icewind Dale.
He was a mighty warrior, but was also persuasive and insightful, far beyond most frost giants. He united the frost giant tribes, and convinced some cloud giants and stone giants joined his cause. He married the cloud giant named Baromassa and made her flying city his capital. Obsessed wit the lost giant kingdom of Ostoria, Kevlin searched their ruins for powerful artifacts like the great helmet that become known as the "Mask of Kelvin." Kelvin was also the last known mortal to wield Crenshinibon, the Crystal Shard, before Akar Kessell. Kelvin's ultimate goal was to overthrow the ordning, the hierarchy of all giants set in place by their gods. In order to achieve this, he attempted to ascend to godhood himself, but was struck down by Tempus, the god of war.
The spirit of Kelvin lives on with his tomb deep under Kelvin's Cairn, kept subdued by wards laid by clerics of Tempus.

Kelvin is the strongest version of the Frost Giant you will fight. As a Frost Giant, he is a bit slow compared to other enemies but will be the fastest Frost Giant compared to the rest.

Kelvin Attacks and Abilities

Ax Charge

Ax Charge.jpg
Kelvin drops his ax in front of him and charges forward, once he stops he will slam his ax into the ground, dealing massive damage. The initial damage from the charge will not be lethal if you have enough health but will make the ax slam have a better chance of hitting. Make sure you avoid the charge for the best chance of avoiding the slam part of the move. Can sometimes be followed up with an Ax Smash right after.

Ax Smash

Frost Smash.jpg
Kelvin smashes his ax into the ground with both hands with frost releasing around him. This attack is usually done as a follow-up to the Ax Charge. Can deal lethal damage if you are hit.

Ax Swing

Ax Swing.jpg
Kelvin swings his ax in front of him, dealing damage upon hit. Unlike other Frost Giants, you don't have to worry about a secondary frost wave appearing, but the initial hit will be much stronger.

Frost Kick

Ice Kick.jpg
Kelvin covers his foot with frost and does a powerful kick. This attack is quite fast and can be harder to see coming. This attack can be done right after some of his other attacks, making it even harder to see coming.

Frost Stomp

Ice Stomp (1).jpg
Kelvin covers his foot in frost and stomps down. Kelvin can either stomp once or stomp multiple times in a row. Another move that can appear in a chain of Kelvin moves. This attack is a bit easier to spot and to dodge or block.

Ice Pillar

Ice Pillar.jpg
Kelvin swings his ax upward, summoning an ice pillar in front of him, then slams his ax down, summoning another ice pillar in front of the first one. He can also summon ice pillars while he is down on his knees, and will be harder to spot where they are coming from.

Tips & Strategies for Beating Kelvin

Strategy Checklist
CheckmarkHe is Faster than other Frost Giants

CheckmarkWatch out For Chained Moves

CheckmarkBring him to his Knees

He is Faster than other Frost Giants

Kelvin faster.jpg
Unlike every other Frost Giant you have fought before, he is a bit faster. He may be still la bit slow, but he still much faster and will have a shorter opening for you to take advantage of. Keep in mind how fast he can be, as it can catch you off guard how fast he can switch from one attack to another attack.

Watch out For Chained Moves

Dying to combo.jpg
Not only is he faster, but he can also chain some moves together. Having combo or sets of moves will make it tougher for you to avoid. For example, his Ax Charge attack can be followed up with an Ax Smash right after. Make sure to keep an eye out and wait for him to finish his moves to make sure he doesn't catch you by surprise.

Bring him to his Knees

Go on the Attack.jpg
Doing enough damage to him will make him drop to his knees. This is the perfect opportunity to put out all the stops and throw everything at him. Just be careful of the ice pillars he summons while he's downed. They won't be a problem if you remember to avoid them.

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