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This is a walkthrough for A Feast for All Cretins, Act 3 of Verbeeg Jamboree in Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance. Learn more about the objectives of this quest, available rewards, tips for completion, locations of attribute shrines, as well as boss fight strategies!

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Designs of the Duergar A Feast for All Cretins An Infernal Dispute

A Feast for All Cretins Basic Information

Quest Information

Quest Verbeeg Jamboree
The verbeeg have taken control of Annuragon's Forge and slaughtering any dwarf in sight.

Act Information

Act No. 3
Type Mission
Preferred Gear Set Drop Blacksmith's Apprentice (Wulfgar)
Do'Urden Prince (Drizzt)
Battlehammer Princess (Catti-brie)
Duergar Infiltrator(Bruenor)
Bosses The Chef
Optional Bosses None
Unlock Requirement Complete Designs of the Duergar
Verbeeg. Vile creatures - with a taste for the flesh of dwarves. What they didn't count on were the duergar who had their own designs on Annuragon's Forge. Though we would cut down every last verbeeg found within the forge, what we witnessed there would scar us for the rest of our days.

A Feast for All Cretins Main Objectives

Place the missing runestone to gain entry to Annuragon's Forge

1 Dark Alliance A Feast for all Cretins 01
Head through the first area and open the forge.
Simply go through the area and defeat any enemy you can found. As you reach the entrance to the Forge, head left to find the runestone. Place it in the slot by the gate to gain access to the Forge.

Fight through the forge. Defeat the Chef

2 Dark Alliance A Feast for all Cretins 02
Continue through the forge and beat all enemies you can find
Go through the next area and battle the enemies. You will notice that some of the verbeegs have received an upgrade. They will be tougher and slightly stronger so time your attacks right. Defeat all enemies awards you your first Short Rest.
3 Dark Alliance A Feast for all Cretins 03
Battle your enemies and learn to fight with fire hazards
Head to the end of the hall to go to the next area. Defeat the enemies here. Continue on the path and battle the next set of enemies. Familiarize yourself in fighting with fire hazards here as this will be the theme of the boss fight. Defeat all enemies to get your second Short Rest.
4 Dark Alliance A Feast for all Cretins 04
Battle through the last wave of enemies.
Head to the enext area, jumping over a magma river. On the next junction, there will be two paths. The one to the west has more enemies and treasure while the one to the right goes directly towards the last area of the level. Head right and defeat all enemies.
5 Dark Alliance A Feast for all Cretins 08
Continue to the last area of the level and beat the boss
After all enemies have been defeated, get the barrel to unlock the door. Climb the last part of the stage and ride the elevator. Make sure you're healed up as this may be the toughest boss battle you have yet (if you're not named Catti-Brie). Defeat The Chef.

Tips and Strategies

Verbeegs Galore

Dark Alliance A Feast for all Cretins 06
This place is teeming with verbeegs - and they're not pushovers anymore. Unlike the earlier versions wherein you sneak behind them and hit them hard, there are verbeegs here (the tatooed ones) that will make a run for your money. Dodge his combos and time your attacks well. If you have abilities to spare do so.

Catti-brie will fare really well here as the verbeegs rarely have anything ranged on them other than their bear trap and their hook. Just use a charged up heavy attack to deal with the verbeegs.

Fire Traps

Dark Alliance A Feast for all Cretins 07
From the beginning of the stage until the boss, fire hazards are everywhere. And it can be annoying when you're battling a powered-up verbeeg and as you dodge, you roll into flames. It is wise to equip items here that offer Fire Resistance.

List of Equipment

Boss Strategy: The Chef

The Worst of the Verbeegs

Dark Alliance A Feast for all Cretins 05
Two things to note in this boss battle. One, The Chef is by the far the strongest verbeeg you will face if you're not careful especially with powerful leaping and lunging attacks. Dodging them is an absolute must if you want to survive this battle.

Finally, while The Chef will not summon minions, the place you're battling him has fire hazards all around. As stated above, equipment with Fire Resistance is highly recommended.

A Feast for All Cretins Chest Locations

Location Directions
1 The chest is located at the right path near the Dwarven Runestone.
2 Just at the entrance of Annuragon's Forge, jump down in the hole to your right. Follow the path to get to the next chest.
3 The chest is located in the area of your first short rest.
4 There is a chest located under some lava trap near the area of your second short rest.
5 There is a chest located behind some breakable objects in the area where you get the explosive barrel.
6 There is a chest just near the entrance of the cavern. You will have to go through the spike traps just to get it.

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