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This is a guide to the Status Effects in D&D: Dark Alliance. If you're wondering how each Condition works, what Buffs to prioritize, or how to counteract Debuffs, read on!

Status Effects Explanation

The Silenced debuff blocks ability usage

Status Effects are gameplay factors that can weaken or strengthen you during Acts. You will have to adapt to each one, and change your style of combat when affected by them.

You can also purchase Useables from the merchant to help with these effects or equip items that either provide resistance to them or buff the damage you can inflict with them.

What are Conditions?

Conditions cannot be countered by potions or equipment. They can be caused by enemy abilities, such as Verbeegs that will throw bear traps at you, or environmental hazards like frozen floors that will damage you if you stand on them too long. They work in combination with Debuffs.

The best way to avoid them is to be aware of your surroundings and the movements of your enemies.

What are Buffs?

Buffs are bonuses that will aid you in combat. They can be attached to pieces of equipment, and you can further increase the bonuses by completing equipment sets. These can range from increased regeneration to increased resistance to damage. You can also use potions, such as the Elixir of Elemental Resistance, to gain temporary Buffs.

The best Buffs to prioritize would be Elemental Resistance, which reduces all incoming Elemental Damage, and Powerful Strikes, which increases your chance of critical hits. These can apply to most combat situations, but don't be afraid to change your priorities depending on the environments and enemies.

Upgrading Equipment

What are Debuffs?

Debuffs are primarily inflicted by enemy attacks and abilities, and they severely weaken your impact during combat. These can range from decreasing your movement speed to increasing the damage dealt to you by 50%.

Purchase the Elixir of Cleansing as soon as possible. This removes all Debuffs affecting you and gives you the Unstoppable buff.

Upgrading Useables

All Status Effects


Status Effect Description
Blinded Attacks will miss.
Confused Character movements are reversed.
Ethereal Player gets Invisiblity that ends when damage is taken or dealt.
Exhausted Fully depleted Stamina. Character cannot move.
Grappled Character is stuck in a trap.
Taunted Taunted enemies will focus one character.
Frozen Effect of Cold Damage. Character cannot move.
Invisible Enemies will not see Invisible characters.
Warmth Prevents Cold Damage.


Status Effect Description
Acid Damage Type of Elemental Damage.
Acid Immunity Prevents all Acid Damage effects.
Acid Resistance Acid Damage effects are reduced.
Cold Damage Type of Elemental Damage.
Cold Immunity Prevents all Cold Damage Effects.
Cold Resistance Cold Damage effects are reduced.
Concentration We will update this with more info soon!
Elemental Resistance Reduces all Elemental Damage effects.
Fire Damage Type of Elemental Damage.
Fire Immunity Prevents all Fire Damage effects.
Fire Resistance Fire Damage effects are reduced.
Frenzy Increases damage done.
Invulnerable Negates all damage received.
Legendary Resistance Reduces Legendary Damage effects.
Lightning Damage Type of Elemental Damage.
Lightning Immunity Prevents all Lightning Damage effects.
Lightning Resistance Lightning Damage effects are reduced.
Necrotic Damage Type of Elemental Damage.
Necrotic Immunity Prevents all Necrotic Damage effects.
Necrotic Resistance Necrotic Damage effects are reduced.
Physical Resistance Reduces Physical Damage received.
Powerful Strikes Increased damage of critical attacks.
Precision Strikes Increased chance of critical attacks.
Primal Instinct Gives bonus Damage and Armore based on missing Health.
Reckless Attack Increases both the player's chance to damage enemies and the enemy's chance to damage the player.
Regeneration Heals character over time.
Shielded Prevents stuns and knockdowns. Damage received is dealt to Shield bar instead of Health
Stalwart Gives bonus Strength.
Thorns Enemies are damaged when near you.
Unstoppable Prevents stuns and knockdowns. Character still receives damage.
Vampiric Gives lifesteal when damaging enemies.


Status Effect Description
Cursed Increases all damage received by 50%.
Burning Deals fire damage over time.
Hexed Deals necrotic damage over time.
Silenced Disables character's use of abilities.
Charmed Inflicted targets cannot attack.
Fatigued Slows combat speed and animations.
Poisoned Deals poison damage over time.
Slowed Temporarily decreases movement speed.
Corrupted We will update this with more info soon!
Frightened Character will be unable to move.
Sapped Player's stamina is drained.
Weakened All damage dealt is reduced by 50%.
Bleeding Deals basic damage to character over time.

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