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This is a walkthrough for Crystal Harvest, Act 2 of Crystalline Dreams in Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance. Learn more about the objectives of this quest, available rewards, tips for completion, locations of attribute shrines, as well as boss fight strategies!

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The Floating City Crystal Harvest A Crystal Crown

Crystal Harvest Basic Information

Quest Information

Quest Crystalline Dreams
A powerful being has dominiated some of the duegar stranded in Icewind Dale and has them mining chardalyn crystals and crystal remnant.

Act Information

Act No. 2
Type Dungeon
Preferred Gear Set Drop Corsair's Panache (Wulfgar)
Sorcere's Sentinel (Drizzt)
Underdark Camo (Catti-brie)
Battlerager (Bruenor)
Bosses Fenji Coldeye
Optional Bosses The Scarred Ones
Unlock Requirement Complete The Floating City
The dwarves had long abandoned the mines under Kelvin's Cairn due to the toxic presence of crystal remnant - the remains of Kevlin's Crystal Towers. Such concerns were of no matter to duergar, nor to the cultists who had come to entreat with the being the duergar served. We would have tp run the gauntlet of duergar and cultist minions before we could come face-to-face with this entity.

Crystal Harvest Main Objectives

Reach the mine entrance. Defeat the defenders holding the mine entrance

1 Dark Alliance Crystal Harvest 01
Follow the objective marker to the next area
Follow the objective marker until you reach a sharp incline on your right. Head up then go around on the next incline. Defeat the enemies at the mine entrance.

Reach the old mining shaft. Destroy the duergar defenses at the mining shaft (2/2)

2 Dark Alliance Crystal Harvest 02
Defeat all enemies and destroy the ballista
Head into the mine entrance and battle the enemies at the top of the stairs. Head right and keep following the marker until you reach the mining shaft. Destroy the two ballista nearby.

Reach the old lookout. Eliminate the cultists to stop their ritual sacrifices

3 Dark Alliance Crystal Harvest 03
Travel through the abandoned outer areas of the mine
Follow the marker and head down to the bottom part of the area to reach a portal. Go to it and reach the next island. Defeat the enemies as you follow the marker. Eventually, you're going to reach an area filled with wooden structures on top of a chasm. Keep following the marker until you reach a ladder. From here there are two paths - one to the left of the ladder and the other to the right. Either way brings you to the cultists. Defeat them.

Reach the junction at the broken Netherese Gate

Head into the next area
Keep following the marker towards the bottom of the area until you reach a portal. Ride it to the next area.

Destroy the duergar defenses at the junction (2/2)

5 Dark Alliance Crystal Harvest 04
Destroy the duergar defenses
Climb the ledge and fight through the enemies. Destroy the nearby ballista as well.

Find the cultist chamber in the mind tunnels. Defeat the cultists in the mine tunnels

6 Dark Alliance Crystal Harvest 05
Head into the tunnels to defeat the cultists
Enter the tunnels wherein you will see the path split again. Either way leads into the tunnels where the cultists are. Defeat them.

Reach the gate to the deep cavern

Follow the marker to the final area of the stage.
Continue following the path until you reach the final area of the stage.

Defeat Fenji Coldeye

8 Dark Alliance Crystal Harvest 06
Battle the boss of the stage
Defeat the giant to end the stage.

Crystal Harvest Optional Objectives

Eliminate the Scarred Ones

The Scarred Ones are located in the Old Lookout, just before climbing up the ladder to the cultists. Be careful as there are 2 champion cultists with the Scarred One.

Destroy the Duergar Supplies

Located in the area of your first short rest, near a destroyed bridge.
Located in the area where you fight two verbeegs on your way to old lookout.
Located besides a railway, in the area where you destroy the Duergar Defenses in junction.
Located at the end of the railway before entering the Mine Tunnels.
Located at the entrance of the gate to the Deep Cavern, just after taking the portal.

Tips and Strategies

Attack at Ranged

Often times, this stage will have you at a height or distance advantage, allowing you to safely attack your opponents at range. By this virtue, Catti-Brie will certainly be more suited in this stage. For close-ranged users, simply avoid getting swarmed as often times large group of enemies tend to attack at the same time.

Boss Strategy: Fenji Coldeye

Defeat Fenji Coldeye

Dark Alliance Crystal Harvest 07
The thing about giants - they really are super slow. So, do what you need to do with any giants you have faced so far. Attack, dodge when they are about to attack, then resume your offense.

How to Beat Fenji Coldeye

Crystal Harvest Attribute Shrines Locations

Crystal Harvest Puzzle

The entrance to the Attribute Shrine is located in the Mine Tunnels, near a crystal and a purple lantern. Inside, the shrine is blocked by a force field.
To solve the Crystal Harvest Puzzle, you need to deactivate the force field. Match the runes on the floor with the symbol scattered in the area to deactivate it. You can find the first symbol on the rock near the entrance.
The next symbol is located on the structure above the shrine.
There is another symbol located through a hole from the bridge. It's located on the wall at the other side.
The last symbol is located underneath the barrels near the shrine.
Once you match the runes with the symbols, the force field should disappear and you can now collect the attribute from the shrine.

All Puzzle Locations and Solutions

Crystal Harvest Chest Locations

Location Directions
1 Located under the wooden ramp to the Mine Entrance.
2 Located behind a barricade inside one of the wooden structures at the Mine Entrance.
3 Located behind a barricade near the area of your first short rest.
4 Located on a ledge underneath a pile of rubble. The path is near the ladder on the way to the old mining shaft.
5 Before fighting the two verbeegs on the way to the Old Lookout, take the path to the right. Remove the poison floor by destroying the explosive barrel nearby. Jump down to the wooden platform and the chest will be under a pile of rubble.
6 Located behind a barricade at the area of your second short rest.
7 Located down a wooden platform, near a giant glowing crystal on your way to the Old Lookout.
8 Located near the area of the Scarred Ones
9 Located on the path across a field of poisonous flower in the Old Lookout, just before fighting the cultist.
10 Located on the wooden balcony in the area where you fight the cultist at the Old Lookout.
11 Located just behind a barricade, along the path to the Broken Netherese Gate.
12 Located at the end of the railway in the Junction.
13 Located near the cliff in the Junction.
14 Located along the rails to the Mine Tunnels.
15 Located at the edge of a cliff inside the Mine Tunnels.
16 Located down on a platform near the edge of a cliff just before the Cultist's Chamber.
17 Located behind a barrier inside the Cultist's Chamber.
18 Located behind an explosive barrel, at the entrance of the gate to the Deep Cavern, just after taking the portal.

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