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This is a guide on creating the best build for Drizzt Do'Urden, a character in the game Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance. To know more about how you can make the most out of Drizzt Do'Urden, read on!

Character Builds
Dark Alliance Drizzt 01.pngDrizzt Dark Alliance Wulfgar 01.pngWulfgar Dark Alliance Catti-Brie 01.pngCatti-brie Dark Alliance Bruenor 01.pngBruenor

Drizzt Do'Urden Overview

Character Info
Dark Alliance Drizzt 02.png
Preferred Weapon Two Scimitars

Stat Build

Priority Attribute
1st Intelligence
2nd Strength
3rd Dexterity
4th Constitution
5th Wisdom
6th Charisma

When you build Drizzt for damage, attribute-wise, Intelligence and Strength give the most number of bonuses when you stack up the points. Drizzt's Defensive Duelist Ability puts 100% of Dexterity as Armor Bonus. With a high Dexterity stat, Drizzt can also maximize his Improved Critical Hit.

Best Armor Set

Remorhaz Brotherhood
Tundra Raptor
Do'Urdern Prince
Tundra Raptor Set
Tundra Raptor Piwafwi ImageTundra Raptor Piwafwi Tundra Raptor Scimitar ImageTundra Raptor Scimitar
Tundra Raptor Helm ImageTundra Raptor Helm Tundra Raptor Bracers ImageTundra Raptor Bracers
Tundra Raptor Chestguard ImageTundra Raptor Chestguard Tundra Raptor Leg Guards ImageTundra Raptor Leg Guards
Tundra Raptor Necklace ImageTundra Raptor Necklace Tundra Raptor Ring ImageTundra Raptor Ring
No. of Pieces Set Bonus
3 10% Stamina Cost Reduction
5 15% Stamina Cost Reduction
8 Grants Precision Strikes after a Dash
Tundra Raptor Set Overview and Bonuses
Do'Urden Prince Set
DoDo'Urden Prince Piwafwi DoDo'Urden Prince Scimitar
DoDo'Urden Prince Helm DoDo'Urden Prince Bracers
DoDo'Urden Prince Chestguard DoDo'Urden Prince Leg Guards
DoDo'Urden Prince Necklace DoDo'Urden Prince Ring
No. of Pieces Set Bonus
3 10% Damage Bonus from rear attacks on enemies
5 15% Damage Bonus from rear attacks on enemies
8 Blink does not end whan an attack is triggered, only at the end of its normal duration
Do'Urden Prince Set Overview and Bonuses

Best Feats

The Hunter
The Ranger
Feat Desc Min. Level
Dark Alliance Athletic
15% Stamina cost Reduction from Evades and Dodges 5
Dark Alliance Endurance
10% Max Stamina Bonus 5
Dark Alliance Keen Mind
Keen Mind
15% Cooldown Reduction 10
Feat Desc Min. Level
Dark Alliance Dual Wielder
Dual Wielder
5% Physical Damage Bonus 1
Dark Alliance Improved Critical Hit
Improved Critical Hit
+30% Critical Hit Damage 5
Dark Alliance Second Wind
Second Wind
-5% Stamina Cost on all actions 10
Feat Desc Min. Level
Dark Alliance Tough
10% Max HP Bonus 5
Dark Alliance Defensive Duelist
Defensive Duelist
Converts 100% of Dexterity into Armor 10
Dark Alliance Uncanny Dodge
Uncanny Dodge
15% Armor Bonus for 2 seconds after an Evade 10


Drizzt is a quick attacker. The feats were selected because of their Stamina Bonuses. With these feats you can worry less about the amount of Stamina your attacks will cost.

The Hunter

Drizzt may not be a heavy-hitter like Wulfgar, but with these feats he can use his quick attacks to keep up with the amount of damage he can cause. Second Wind will be extremely useful for executing combos in higher Challenge Ratings where enemies will have significantly stronger defenses.

The Ranger

Defensive Duelist is by far Drizzt's most beneficial defensive feat. This is also why Dexterity is placed on the third priority of attributes to upgrade.

Best Moves

Move Description
Dark Hands
Ranged Attack
Tap L stick Backward + R2
Unleash an unblockable accursed hand of darkness that scrapes at the ground, dealing base necrotic damage.
Has high virulence factor and has 60% chance to inflict Cursed when connecting.
Front Flip Slash
Melee Attack
Tap L stick Forward + R2 after Fierce Attack combo OR most Evades
Launch a powerful double attack with a gracious sommersault with blades extended.
Has a 40% chance to inflict Bleeding.
Dual Edge Strike
Melee Attack
R2 while Sprinting OR after Aether Slash
Flip sideways with the scimtar to deliver a swift or strong attack from running.
Has a 35% chance to shorten abilities cooldown by 4%.
Near Conjuration
AoE Attack
Tap L stick Forward + R1 after most Fierce Attacks
Summon Guenhwyvar from the Astral Plane to unleash unblockable necrotic damage.
Has a 60% change to inflict Cursed and heals by 1% HP.
Dark Portal
AoE Attack
R2 while walking backward
Summon an unblockable portal of darkness that swallows monsters and deals base Necrotic damage.
Has a 70% chance to inflict Cursed and fills Ultimate meter by 2%.

Best Abilities

Battle Trance

Move Description
Battle Trance
Grants Vampric and Frenzy to Drizzt.

This Ability grants Vampiric and Frenzy to Drizzt, If you plan on skipping Short Rests, this is a good alternative to using any Usables.

Faerie Fire

Move Description
Faerie Fire
Inflicts Cursed and Frightened on monsters within range. Causes Goblins to flee.

This Ability inflicts Cursed doubling your damage, it also inflicts Frightened causing the damage of monsters in range of the effect to lessen.

Combat Tips

Armor Break

Drizzt can't deal enough heavy damage to break Armor defenses of enemies like armored goblins. Use Sphere of Darkness to bypass this. You can also go inside the Sphere of Darkness as it moves to give protection from enemies.

Unblockable Attacks

Drizzt has many unblockable attacks that he can activate after successfully Evading from an attack. As early as Level 5, you can unlock 4 unblockable attacks. You can also improve the damage he deals with these attacks by equipping weapons that deal Necrotic Damage and a buffed Intelligence attribute.

Evade Often

Unless you have Defensive Duelist unlocked and a maxed out Dexterity attribute, Drizzt isn't built to take heavy damage. Evade often and use attacks like Aether Slash or Far Conjuration to instantly attack from a distance after evading.

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