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This is a guide to improving the lag and framerates of D&D: Dark Alliance. Read on to learn what you can do to fix framerate issues and get the best performance possible on consoles.

Framerate and Lag Issues in Dark Alliance

Dark Alliance Frame Rate and Lag issues
When playing this game on consoles you'll sometimes notice your screen stuttering or your button inputs taking a long time to register. This mostly happens during combat, especially when there are several enemies on screen at once.

There have also been reported issues with inviting or joining parties with friends. Unfortunately, the only fix for these is to wait for future updates.

How to Improve Lag

Play on Next-Gen Consoles

Simply put, the best way to improve your performance on consoles is by playing Dark Alliance on the PS5 or the XBOX Series X. These consoles even support playing 4K with 60FPS.

But considering the current difficulties in grabbing one of these, you may have to tolerate the issues for now. Thankfully, you don't have to purchase the game again since your current copy can work on next-gen consoles.

Remove Overlays

One solution that could provide slight improvements is removing some of the overlays or icons on your HUD. The improvements might be marginal but they can certainly help.

Controls and Best Settings

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