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Dark Alliance Catti-Brie Archer Build

This is a guide on creating the best build for Catti-brie, a character in the game Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance. To know more about how you can make the most out of Catti-brie, read on!

Character Builds
Dark Alliance Drizzt 01.pngDrizzt Dark Alliance Wulfgar 01.pngWulfgar Dark Alliance Catti-Brie 01.pngCatti-brie Dark Alliance Bruenor 01.pngBruenor

Catti-brie Overview

Character Info
Dark Alliance Catti-Brie 02.png
Preferred Weapon Bow and Arrow

Stat Build

Priority Attribute
1st Intelligence
2nd Dexterity
3rd Strength
4th Constitution
5th Wisdom
6th Charisma

Intelligence also affects the cooldown rate for Abilities. With Catti-brie's Resurrection Ability, you want to keep those cooldown as minimal as possible especially if you plan on playing co-op. Dexterity increases your critical chance and critical damage, which you can abuse using Catti's charged arrows. Strength improves Catti-brie's overall damage output and Combat Power.

Best Armor Set

Tundra Explorer
Goblin Reaper
Barbarian Diplomat
Tundra Explorer Set
Tundra Explorer Quiver ImageTundra Explorer Quiver Tundra Explorer Bow ImageTundra Explorer Bow
Tundra Explorer Helm ImageTundra Explorer Helm Tundra Explorer Bracers ImageTundra Explorer Bracers
Tundra Explorer Chestguard ImageTundra Explorer Chestguard Tundra Explorer Leg Guards ImageTundra Explorer Leg Guards
Tundra Explorer Necklace ImageTundra Explorer Necklace Tundra Explorer Ring ImageTundra Explorer Ring
No. of Pieces Set Bonus
3 +5% Physical Damage Bonus
5 +15% Physical Damage Bonus
8 A successful Parry grants the Precision Strikes Buff
Tundra Explorer Set Overview and Bonuses
Goblin Reaper Set
Goblin Reaper Quiver ImageGoblin Reaper Quiver Goblin Reaper Bow ImageGoblin Reaper Bow
Goblin Reaper Helm ImageGoblin Reaper Helm Goblin Reaper Bracers ImageGoblin Reaper Bracers
Goblin Reaper Chestguard ImageGoblin Reaper Chestguard Goblin Reaper Leg Guards ImageGoblin Reaper Leg Guards
Goblin Reaper Necklace ImageGoblin Reaper Necklace Goblin Reaper Ring ImageGoblin Reaper Ring
No. of Pieces Set Bonus
3 +8% Critical Hit Chance
5 +12% Critical Hit Chance
8 +35% Physical Damage Bonus against Goblins
Goblin Reaper Set Overview and Bonuses
Barbarian Diplomat Set
Barbarian Diplomat Quiver ImageBarbarian Diplomat Quiver Barbarian Diplomat Bow ImageBarbarian Diplomat Bow
Barbarian Diplomat Helm ImageBarbarian Diplomat Helm Barbarian Diplomat Bracers ImageBarbarian Diplomat Bracers
Barbarian Diplomat Chestguard ImageBarbarian Diplomat Chestguard Barbarian Diplomat Leg Guards ImageBarbarian Diplomat Leg Guards
Barbarian Diplomat Necklace ImageBarbarian Diplomat Necklace Barbarian Diplomat Ring ImageBarbarian Diplomat Ring
No. of Pieces Set Bonus
3 +15% Damage Bonus to Grappled Monsters
5 +25% Damage Bonus to Grappled monsters
8 +10% chance that Charged arrows apply Grappled
Barbarian Diplomat Set Overview and Bonuses

Best Feats

The Archer
Feat Desc Min. Level
Dark Alliance Healer
Increases HP when getting raised to 100% 1
Dark Alliance Endurance
10% Max Stamina Bonus 5
Dark Alliance Keen Mind
Keen Mind
15% Cooldown Reduction 10
Feat Desc Min. Level
Dark Alliance Martial Adept
Martial Adept
10% Physical Damage Bonus on Melee Attacks 1
Dark Alliance Piercing Arrow
Piercing Arrow
10% Physical Damage Bonus for Charged Arrows 1
Dark Alliance Horde Breaker
Horde Breaker
15% Physical Damage Bonus when more than 3 enemies are within 20m 5
Feat Desc Min. Level
Dark Alliance Tough
10% Max HP Bonus 1
Dark Alliance Light Armor Master
Light Armor Master
7% Armor Bonus 5
Dark Alliance Mobile
15% Armor Bonus 10

Best Moves

Move Description
Piercing Shot
Ranged Attack
R2 while walking backward
A slow yet mighty unblockable arrow with invulnerability that can skewer through lined-up monsters and send them reeling.
Has a 50% chance to inflict Corrupted, 60% chance to inflict Cursed at short to mid-range, and a 35% chance to shorten active cooldowns.
Down Stinger
Melee Attack
R1 after most Air-Attacks
Shoot down explosive shotss before landing from an aerial state.
Has a 45% chance to inflict Weakened and a 35% chance to inflict Poisoned.
Kick Driver
Melee Attack
R1 after Light Running Attack (R1 while running)
Chain from a sliding tackle into a mule kick that knocks monsters back.
Has a 60% chance to grant Precision Strikes, 40% chance to grant Powerful Strikes, and 45% chance to reduce cooldowns by 6%
Aerial Stunner
AoE Attack
R1 after Vertical Sting Down (R1 while in mid-air from Rising Kick)
Disengage in mid-air to finish an air combo with a quick unblockable explosive arrow.
Has a 80% chance to grant Elemental Adept, 30% chance to inflict Bleeding, and a 20% chance to reduce active cooldowns by 5%.
Cartwheel Bomber
AoE Attack
X button + Square button while holding forward.
A cartwheel kick with an explosive arrow that'll detonate on a delay.
Kicks destroy stamina and arrow explosion has a 100% chance to inflict burning.

Best Abilities

Ensnaring Strike

This causes a wide AoE attack that temporarily halts the movement of every enemy caught within its range. It also sets up the field for the next ability.

Heartseeker Volley

This ability lets Catti-brie shower enemies with a wide AoE attack that deals damage and Inflicts Slowed.

Combat Tips

Charged Arrows

As of writing, Catti-brie's Charged Arrows is so strong, players are calling it a "bug"! The level of damage could easily be explained that the normal damage of all 3 arrows are condensed into one charged arrow. Use this as much as you could possibly desire.

Viper-Rising-Stinger Combo

Using these 3-part combo not only deals significant amounts of damage, but also has 50% chance to grant Cleaving and Elemental Adept, 20% chance to reduce active Cooldowns, 45% chance to inflice Weakened, and 35% to inflict Poisoned. Talk about a killer combo.

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