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This is a guide about Troll, an enemy unit in D&D: Dark Alliance. Read on to know more about them and where they are commonly found in the game.

Troll Overview

Dark Alliance - Troll
Type Enemy
Trolls are massive creatures who can and will eat almost any other living thing. They are always hungry, perhaps because of their ability to regenerate quickly, regrowing severed limbs and even heads.
This ability also makes them extremely reckless; they feel no pain and fear no injury. They believe themselves to be invulnerable to lasting harm, so they are willing to take great risks. Trolls like to ambush their prey, and they often hide in mud pool where hot springs and steam vents have melted the ground. Animals and travellers in search of warmth or drinking water should be wary of these locations. There are many different types of trolls beyond the common troll, some of whom have elemental or environmental affinities. Ice trolls and venom trolls are common varieties that inhabit Icewind Dale, and they are particularly dangerous.
Many trolls fought alongside Akar Kessell during the siege of Bryn Shander, some acting as his personal bodyguards. Since Kessell's defeat, they have been roaming Icewind Dale looking for prey.

Where to Find Troll

Where to Find
Companions of Icewind Dale:
Halls of Duergar
Verbeeg Jamboree:
The Verbeeg Jamboree
The Order of the One Light:
Order of the One Light
The Mask of Kelvin:
Ghosts of the Past
The Mask of Kelvin:
The Broken City
Crystalline Dreams:
The Floating City

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