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This is a walkthrough for The Goblin Tower, Act 3 of The Goblin's Shard in Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance. Learn more about the objectives of this quest, available rewards, tips for completion, as well as boss fight strategies!

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Goffin's Door The Goblin Tower The Verbeeg Jamboree

The Goblin Tower Basic Information

Quest Information

Quest The Goblin's Shard
A goblin named Hamboog claims to have found the Shard and has taken over a part of the Dwarven Valley where his horde is building him a 'Crystal Tower'.

Act Information

Act No. 3
Type Mission
Preferred Gear Set Drop Tempus Champion (Wulfgar)
Warden of Mielikki (Drizzt)
Goblin Reaper (Catti-brie)
Goblin Bane (Bruenor)
Bosses Hamboog
Optional Bosses None
Unlock Requirement Complete Goffin's Door
We had sealed Hamboog within his canyon, but left unchecked, he would eventually break free. If that happened, all of Ten-Towns would suffer raids from his goblin horde. And so now was the time to assault his throne room. Once Hamboog is defeated, we would tear down his tower and restore dignity to at least this part of the Dwarven Valley.

The Goblin Tower Main Objectives

Reach Hamboog's Crystal Tower

1 Dark Alliance The Goblin Tower 01
Battle through the area to reach Hamboog's Crystal Tower
Battle through the opening area until you reach an incline leading to some huge pillars. Battle the enemies here to secure your first Short Rest.
2 Dark Alliance The Goblin Tower 02
Continue through the area
Continue on the path until you reach another incline on your left. You will enter a grassy area and more enemies. Defeat them for your second Short Rest.
3 Dark Alliance The Goblin Tower 03
Climb the ledge nearby and go through some wooden structure to reach the next area. Defeat all enemies there. Climb up the ladder at the end of the area to take care of the remaining enemies.

Eliminate Gorn the Disheveled, Kroolpee the Putrid, Burchazz the Nimble, Knox the Pain Lover and Emperor Hamboog

4 Dark Alliance The Goblin Tower 04
Defeat Emperor Hamboog's minions.
Once you defeat the remaining enemies, you will be taken automatically to Emperor Hamboog's room. In here, you will simultaneoulsy defeat his minions which are merely upgraded versions of the goblins you have faced so far.
5 Dark Alliance The Goblin Tower 05.png
Defeat Emperor Hamboog
Defeating all of his minions removes the shields around Emperor Hamboog. Attack and defeat him to end the mission.

Boss Strategy: Hamboog

Easy Boss

Dark Alliance The Goblin Tower 06
The boss is actually relatively easy to compared to the other we have faced thus far. You just have to take care of his upgraded minions which are quite easy to defeat as well. Attack him relentlessly and he will fall quite easily.

Easiest way to defeat him is to ensure he does not cast his magic. Otherwise, you will be peppered with a barrage of magics, exposing you to his minions as well.

The Goblin Tower Chest Locations

Location Directions
1 The first chest is located just outside the entrance area. Run through the field of poisonous flowers then climp up the ledge. Behind the barricades will be the chest.
2 The next chest is located near a broken bridge. There is a ladder you can climb up to near it to get to the chest.
3 After crossing a wooden bridge near the boss area, take a turn left and you should be able to spot the chest.
4 Head to the center of the damaged bridge and jump down in the hole. There'll be a chest at the bottom.

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