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This is a strategy guide for beating Narf Twelvefingers, a boss in Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance. Learn about Narf Twelvefingers's attack patterns, weaknesses, and tips and strategies for defeating them.

Narf Twelvefingers Battle Overview

Narf Twelvefingers
Dark Alliance - Narf Twelvefingers
Quest The Fury of Icewind
Act The Hunting Grounds

Narf Twelvefingers is a goblin that shouldn't pose much of a threat if he was by himself. Unfortunately, he will not be alone in this fight. Taking out the rest of the enemies before dealing with him will give you the easiest time to defeat him.

Narf Twelvefingers Attacks and Abilities


Slash attack.jpg
Narf uses his sword to slash at the player. This attack is unblockable and can be trouble if you underestimate it. Because it is unblockable, it is also unparryable.


Stab attack.jpg
Narf stabs with his sword to deal damage. This attack is blockable and parryable. It is slower and easier to see than the slash, so it is much easier to parry.

Tips & Strategies for Beating Narf Twelvefingers

Strategy Checklist
CheckmarkTake out the Gnolls First

CheckmarkDodge his Slashes and Parry his Stabs

CheckmarkAttack When Exhausted

Take out the Gnolls First

Narf Twelvefingers pose little threat by himself, it is the other enemies that surround him that will make this battle difficult. Focus on taking out the minions first before dealing with Narf, especially defeating the Gnolls first right away.

Dodge his Slashes and Parry his Stabs

unblockable slash.jpg
Narf has unblockable slashes, making blocking futile when against him. Whenever you see him go for a slash, it is much better to just dodge. Because this attack is unblockable, it means it is also not parryable. Even if Narf's slashes are unblockable, his stabs aren't. His stab attack is slower and easier to see, making parrying a viable tactic to help you counter his attacks.

Attack When Exhausted

attack exhauseted.jpg
After Narf has made a number of attacks, he will get exhausted, giving him a yellow highlight. This is when he is the most vulnerable and will not be able to take action for a few seconds.

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