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This is a guide about Duergar, an enemy unit in D&D: Dark Alliance. Read on to know more about them and where they are commonly found in the game.

Duergar Overview

Dark Alliance - Duergar
Type Enemy
Duergar are dour, pessimistic, and suspicious creatures, cousins of dwarves, but dwarves without passion or creativity. They spent generations toiling for illithids and that time has robbed them of pride and compassion. It also gave them access to new magic that eventually allowed them to throw off their chains.
The duergar have come to view labor as a form of worship for their god Laduguer, and believe that the main value of their work is in satisfying his wishes. They despise waste and laziness, and yet to take no satisfaction or joy in their productivity. The duergar have a greater affinity for magic than surface dwarves, and many of their warriors wield it in combat. They are resilient in battle and some are able to resist or neutralize powers that are used against them.
Five years ago the duergar Muzgardt clan received a message from Laduguer to seek the Crystal Shard in Icewind Dale. They obeyed their god's will, tunneling and travelling to bring their army a thousand miles north, only to learn that the Shard was lost again.

Where to Find Duergar

Where to Find
Companions of Icewind Dale:
Halls of Duergar
Companions of Icewind Dale:
Bangor's Span
Verbeeg Jamboree:
Designs of the Duergar
Verbeeg Jamboree:
A Feast for All Cretins
The Order of the One Light:
Order of the One Light
The Order of the One Light:
Return of the Tyrant
Crystalline Dreams:
The Floating City
Crystalline Dreams:
Crystal Harvest
Crystalline Dreams:
A Crystal Crown
The Fury of Icewind:
The Hunting Grounds

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