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10 Anonymousover 3 yearsReport

In her perspective, you're the shota.

9 Anonymousover 3 yearsReport

so she's legal. got it

8 Anonymousover 3 yearsReport

Just a friendly reminder that Melia is 88 years old.

7 Anonymousover 3 yearsReport


6 Anonymousover 3 yearsReport

Shulk English Backslash: Backslash! Shulk Japanese Backslash: JALIJFLKUFNSFNSEFJLFJSIAAAAAAAAAAAAA

5 Anonymousover 3 yearsReport

He's really feeling it

4 Anonymousover 3 yearsReport

Anyone: breaths. Shulk: looks like we've got a problem.

3 Anonymousover 3 yearsReport


2 uTest_Maniover 3 yearsReport

Hello everone

1 Anonymousover 3 yearsReport

Hi Everyone

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