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This page explains the effects of Summon Flare, an Art in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (XC1) for the Nintendo Switch. Find out how to use Summon Flare, and whether or not this art is worth leveling up!

Summon Flare Effect and Basic Info

Summon FlareSummon Flare
Effect Fire increases strength. Discharge inflicts Blaze damage.
User Melia
Art Type Ether
Level Learned 1
Color Blue
Power (%) 90 ~ 153
Cooldown (Sec.) 30 ~ 24.6

How to Use Summon Flare

Increased Strength

To use an elemental Art, simply select it and Melia will summon it, and this elemental will float around Melia and give its effect, which is increased Strength for Melia and nearby party members.
Xenoblade Melia Elementals.jpg
You can have up to three elementals up and giving buffs at the same time.

Blaze Damage

Once it is summoned, you can use Elemental Discharge to fire it into an enemy and inflict this element's corresponding effect: inflicting Blaze on enemies.

To learn more about Elemental Discharge, click the link down below.
How to Use Elemental Discharge | Melia's Talent Art

Is Summon Flare Worth Leveling Up?

Art Ranking S Rank Icon

Level up Summon Flare right away!

Due to its overall usefulness, we recommend investing points into this Art and setting it as soon as possible. This is an essential Art for Melia, and is useful in many builds, so be sure to level it up ASAP. If you have extra AP and do not know where to invest it, this Art is a solid option.

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