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Beastly Caverns Platinum Medal Walkthrough

A guide to obtaining the platinum medal for the Battle Enemies! Mission: Beastly Caverns in Pikmin 3 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch. This guide will walk you through how to clear the mission and earn a platinum medal!

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Beastly Caverns Tips and Strategy

Defeat Phosbats with Glowcaps

Phosbat weakness.jpg

Phosbats are weak to light. Touch the Glowcaps to weaken them and finish them off with some Rock Pikmin.

Defeat Strong Enemies with Bomb Rocks

Using Bomb Rocks.jpg

Use Bomb Rocks when going against strong enemies such as the Armored Cannon Larva and Waddlepus to defeat it easily and save time.

Beastly Caverns Platinum Medal Walkthrough

1: Collect Pikmin


Collecting Winged Pikmin.jpg

Gather the Winged Pikmin and defeat the Skitter Leaves to turn their corpses into Winged Pikmin. Go left and charge the gate with the Winged Pikmin to get to the other side.


Gathering Rock Pikmin.jpg

Gather the Rock Pikmin and go down. Touch the Glowcaps to defeat the Phosbats then gather the rest of the Rock Pikmin above.

2: Explore the Map and Collect More Pikmin


Defeating Arachnode.jpg

Go outside the cave and defeat the Arachnode. Proceed north near the glass wall and grab the Bomb Rock from the pot.

Defeat the Arachnode behind you with some Rock Pikmin and enter the cave.


Grabbing a Bomb Rock.jpg

Go left and up the area above so you can bring the Winged Pikmin and pick up the Bomb Rock above. Head outside to raise the gate and rescue Louie.

Have the other Winged Pikmin defeat the Yellow Spectralids in the area then get them to munch on the dirt wall.

3: Divide and Defeat Enemies


Plucking Rock Pikmin.jpg

Go right and throw the Bomb Rock at the Armored Cannon Larva. Pluck more Rock Pikmin near the dirt wall.


Throwing a Bomb Rock at the Waddlepus.jpg

Head northwest and throw the Bomb Rock at the Waddlepus. Gather 10 Winged Pikmin and have them raise the south gate again.


Pluck the Blue Pikmin and use them to collect the pellets and corpses. Gather the rest of the Winged Pikmin and throw them in the Candypop Bud.

4: Wiping Out the Rest


Wipe out the Desiccated Skitter Leaves.


Wiping out the rest.jpg

Go back inside the cave and throw all Blue Pikmin in the water to defeat the remaining enemies.

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