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HARM Room Missions and Challenges

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This is a guide to the HARM Room and HARM Challenges in the Marvel's Avengers game. Read on to find out how to unlock the HARM Room, where to find it, and the missions it unlocks.

How to Unlock the HARM Room

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The Holographic Augmented Reality Machine is the preferred method of the Avengers to use for training. It features several simulated battles with different enemies to test out your character's skills and gear.

Unlocking the HARM Room

You must have progressed enough through the campaign that you have already found the Chimera and have finished the To Find Olympia mission. This allows you to have JARVIS, who is in charge of the HARM Room.

You can also immediately access the HARM Room outside of the Campaign if you select 'The Avengers Initiative' from the Main Menu. The first mission you do here will be HARM Training: Iron Man.

Where to Find It

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The HARM Room is located in the hangar bay of the Chimera. From the War Room, go straight ahead to the bottom rooms and up the stairs to a triangular door. The door is on the lower floor of the hangar.

List of HARM Challenges

There are three kinds of side missions that the HARM Room has to offer:

HARM Challenges

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These challenges offer 10 waves of enemies that differ every time you come in. The difficulty of each wave also increases with each wave you defeat. New and more difficult challenges come up after you complete each challenge.

Possible enemies, rewards, and a walkthrough for each of these is shown below.

List of HARM Challenges

Power Level Mission Reward
6 HARM Challenge I Random Comic
6 HARM Challenge II Random Comic
6 HARM Challenge III Random Comic
60 HARM Challenge IV Random Comic
60 HARM Challenge V Random Comic

*Level Scaled to Player

HARM Training Missions

Avengers HARM Tutorial Front.png
These are missions that are intended to let you get familiar with the basic moves of the character. Each and every character so far has their own HARM Training Mission.

Power Level Mission Reward
17 HARM Training: Iron Man Random Comic
17 HARM Training: Hulk Random Comic
17 HARM Training: Ms. Marvel Random Comic
17 HARM Training: Widow Random Comic
17 HARM Training: Thor Random Comic
17 HARM Training: Captain America Random Comic

*Level Scaled to Player

Priority HARM Challenge

Avengers Priority HARM.jpg
These challenges include lasers, environment hazards, and turrets normally found in AIM facilities in addition to the regular enemy spawns. Enemies here focus on swarms and taking advantage of level modifiers which makes this even more difficult.

List of Priority HARM Challenges

Power Level Mission Reward
100 Priority HARM Challenge Guaranteed Reward Captain America (2011) #19
112 Priority HARM Challenge (Higher Power) Guaranteed Reward Captain America (2011) #19

*Level Scaled to Player

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