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This page is about the move Attract in the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX for Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn about Attract's effect, type, category, initial PP, range, and target, and which Pokemon can learn it.

Attract - Basic Information

Effect It makes an enemy Infatuated, which makes the enemy's moves more likely to fail.
Type NormalNormal Category Status
Initial PP Range Front
Target Enemy Cuts Corners? No

Pokemon That Can Learn Attract

By Level Up

Pokemon Level Learned
Beautifly Image Beautifly 27
Delcatty Image Delcatty Base
Luvdisc Image Luvdisc 20
Milotic Image Milotic 34
Skitty Image Skitty 10


Abra Image Abra
Absol Image Absol
Aerodactyl Image Aerodactyl
Aggron Image Aggron
Aipom Image Aipom
Alakazam Image Alakazam
Altaria Image Altaria
Ampharos Image Ampharos
Anorith Image Anorith
Arbok Image Arbok
Arcanine Image Arcanine
Ariados Image Ariados
Armaldo Image Armaldo
Aron Image Aron
Azumarill Image Azumarill
Azurill Image Azurill
Bagon Image Bagon
Banette Image Banette
Barboach Image Barboach
Bayleef Image Bayleef
Beautifly Image Beautifly
Beedrill Image Beedrill
Bellossom Image Bellossom
Bellsprout Image Bellsprout
Blastoise Image Blastoise
Blaziken Image Blaziken
Blissey Image Blissey
Breloom Image Breloom
Budew Image Budew
Bulbasaur Image Bulbasaur
Butterfree Image Butterfree
Cacnea Image Cacnea
Cacturne Image Cacturne
Camerupt Image Camerupt
Carvanha Image Carvanha
Castform Image Castform
Chansey Image Chansey
Charizard Image Charizard
Charmander Image Charmander
Charmeleon Image Charmeleon
Chikorita Image Chikorita
Chimecho Image Chimecho
Chinchou Image Chinchou
Clamperl Image Clamperl
Clefable Image Clefable
Clefairy Image Clefairy
Cleffa Image Cleffa
Cloyster Image Cloyster
Combusken Image Combusken
Corphish Image Corphish
Corsola Image Corsola
Cradily Image Cradily
Crawdaunt Image Crawdaunt
Crobat Image Crobat
Croconaw Image Croconaw
Cubone Image Cubone
Cyndaquil Image Cyndaquil
Delcatty Image Delcatty
Delibird Image Delibird
Dewgong Image Dewgong
Diglett Image Diglett
Dodrio Image Dodrio
Doduo Image Doduo
Donphan Image Donphan
Dragonair Image Dragonair
Dragonite Image Dragonite
Dratini Image Dratini
Drowzee Image Drowzee
Dugtrio Image Dugtrio
Dunsparce Image Dunsparce
Dusclops Image Dusclops
Dusknoir Image Dusknoir
Duskull Image Duskull
Dustox Image Dustox
Eevee Image Eevee
Ekans Image Ekans
Electabuzz Image Electabuzz
Electivire Image Electivire
Electrike Image Electrike
Elekid Image Elekid
Espeon Image Espeon
Exeggcute Image Exeggcute
Exeggutor Image Exeggutor
Exploud Image Exploud
Farfetch Farfetch'd
Fearow Image Fearow
Feebas Image Feebas
Feraligatr Image Feraligatr
Flaaffy Image Flaaffy
Flareon Image Flareon
Flygon Image Flygon
Forretress Image Forretress
Froslass Image Froslass
Furret Image Furret
Gallade Image Gallade
Gardevoir Image Gardevoir
Gastly Image Gastly
Gengar Image Gengar
Geodude Image Geodude
Girafarig Image Girafarig
Glaceon Image Glaceon
Glalie Image Glalie
Gligar Image Gligar
Gliscor Image Gliscor
Gloom Image Gloom
Golbat Image Golbat
Goldeen Image Goldeen
Golduck Image Golduck
Gorebyss Image Gorebyss
Granbull Image Granbull
Graveler Image Graveler
Grimer Image Grimer
Grovyle Image Grovyle
Growlithe Image Growlithe
Grumpig Image Grumpig
Gulpin Image Gulpin
Gyarados Image Gyarados
Happiny Image Happiny
Hariyama Image Hariyama
Haunter Image Haunter
Heracross Image Heracross
Hitmonchan Image Hitmonchan
Hitmonlee Image Hitmonlee
Hitmontop Image Hitmontop
Honchkrow Image Honchkrow
Hoothoot Image Hoothoot
Hoppip Image Hoppip
Horsea Image Horsea
Houndoom Image Houndoom
Houndour Image Houndour
Huntail Image Huntail
Hypno Image Hypno
Igglybuff Image Igglybuff
Illumise Image Illumise
Ivysaur Image Ivysaur
Jigglypuff Image Jigglypuff
Jolteon Image Jolteon
Jumpluff Image Jumpluff
Jynx Image Jynx
Kabuto Image Kabuto
Kabutops Image Kabutops
Kadabra Image Kadabra
Kangaskhan Image Kangaskhan
Kecleon Image Kecleon
Kingdra Image Kingdra
Kingler Image Kingler
Kirlia Image Kirlia
Koffing Image Koffing
Krabby Image Krabby
Lairon Image Lairon
Lanturn Image Lanturn
Lapras Image Lapras
Larvitar Image Larvitar
Latias Image Latias
Latios Image Latios
Leafeon Image Leafeon
Ledian Image Ledian
Ledyba Image Ledyba
Lickilicky Image Lickilicky
Lickitung Image Lickitung
Lileep Image Lileep
Linoone Image Linoone
Lombre Image Lombre
Lotad Image Lotad
Loudred Image Loudred
Lucario Image Lucario
Ludicolo Image Ludicolo
Luvdisc Image Luvdisc
Machamp Image Machamp
Machoke Image Machoke
Machop Image Machop
Magby Image Magby
Magcargo Image Magcargo
Magmar Image Magmar
Magmortar Image Magmortar
Makuhita Image Makuhita
Mamoswine Image Mamoswine
Manectric Image Manectric
Mankey Image Mankey
Mantine Image Mantine
Mantyke Image Mantyke
Mareep Image Mareep
Marill Image Marill
Marowak Image Marowak
Marshtomp Image Marshtomp
Masquerain Image Masquerain
Mawile Image Mawile
Medicham Image Medicham
Meditite Image Meditite
Meganium Image Meganium
Meowth Image Meowth
Mew Image Mew
Mightyena Image Mightyena
Milotic Image Milotic
Miltank Image Miltank
Mime Jr. Image Mime Jr.
Minun Image Minun
Misdreavus Image Misdreavus
Mismagius Image Mismagius
Mr. Mime Image Mr. Mime
Mudkip Image Mudkip
Muk Image Muk
Munchlax Image Munchlax
Murkrow Image Murkrow
Natu Image Natu
Nidoking Image Nidoking
Nidoqueen Image Nidoqueen
Nidoran♀ Image Nidoran♀
Nidoran♂ Image Nidoran♂
Nidorina Image Nidorina
Nidorino Image Nidorino
Ninetales Image Ninetales
Ninjask Image Ninjask
Noctowl Image Noctowl
Nosepass Image Nosepass
Numel Image Numel
Nuzleaf Image Nuzleaf
Octillery Image Octillery
Oddish Image Oddish
Omanyte Image Omanyte
Omastar Image Omastar
Onix Image Onix
Paras Image Paras
Parasect Image Parasect
Pelipper Image Pelipper
Persian Image Persian
Phanpy Image Phanpy
Pichu Image Pichu
Pidgeot Image Pidgeot
Pidgeotto Image Pidgeotto
Pidgey Image Pidgey
Pikachu Image Pikachu
Piloswine Image Piloswine
Pineco Image Pineco
Pinsir Image Pinsir
Plusle Image Plusle
Politoed Image Politoed
Poliwag Image Poliwag
Poliwhirl Image Poliwhirl
Poliwrath Image Poliwrath
Ponyta Image Ponyta
Poochyena Image Poochyena
Primeape Image Primeape
Probopass Image Probopass
Psyduck Image Psyduck
Pupitar Image Pupitar
Quagsire Image Quagsire
Quilava Image Quilava
Qwilfish Image Qwilfish
Raichu Image Raichu
Ralts Image Ralts
Rapidash Image Rapidash
Raticate Image Raticate
Rattata Image Rattata
Relicanth Image Relicanth
Remoraid Image Remoraid
Rhydon Image Rhydon
Rhyhorn Image Rhyhorn
Rhyperior Image Rhyperior
Riolu Image Riolu
Roselia Image Roselia
Roserade Image Roserade
Sableye Image Sableye
Salamence Image Salamence
Sandshrew Image Sandshrew
Sandslash Image Sandslash
Sceptile Image Sceptile
Scizor Image Scizor
Scyther Image Scyther
Seadra Image Seadra
Seaking Image Seaking
Sealeo Image Sealeo
Seedot Image Seedot
Seel Image Seel
Sentret Image Sentret
Seviper Image Seviper
Sharpedo Image Sharpedo
Shelgon Image Shelgon
Shellder Image Shellder
Shiftry Image Shiftry
Shroomish Image Shroomish
Shuckle Image Shuckle
Shuppet Image Shuppet
Skarmory Image Skarmory
Skiploom Image Skiploom
Skitty Image Skitty
Slaking Image Slaking
Slakoth Image Slakoth
Slowbro Image Slowbro
Slowking Image Slowking
Slowpoke Image Slowpoke
Slugma Image Slugma
Smoochum Image Smoochum
Sneasel Image Sneasel
Snorlax Image Snorlax
Snorunt Image Snorunt
Snubbull Image Snubbull
Spearow Image Spearow
Spheal Image Spheal
Spinarak Image Spinarak
Spinda Image Spinda
Spoink Image Spoink
Squirtle Image Squirtle
Stantler Image Stantler
Steelix Image Steelix
Sudowoodo Image Sudowoodo
Sunflora Image Sunflora
Sunkern Image Sunkern
Surskit Image Surskit
Swablu Image Swablu
Swalot Image Swalot
Swampert Image Swampert
Swellow Image Swellow
Swinub Image Swinub
Sylveon Image Sylveon
Taillow Image Taillow
Tangela Image Tangela
Tangrowth Image Tangrowth
Tauros Image Tauros
Teddiursa Image Teddiursa
Tentacool Image Tentacool
Tentacruel Image Tentacruel
Togekiss Image Togekiss
Togepi Image Togepi
Togetic Image Togetic
Torchic Image Torchic
Torkoal Image Torkoal
Totodile Image Totodile
Trapinch Image Trapinch
Treecko Image Treecko
Tropius Image Tropius
Typhlosion Image Typhlosion
Tyranitar Image Tyranitar
Tyrogue Image Tyrogue
Umbreon Image Umbreon
Ursaring Image Ursaring
Vaporeon Image Vaporeon
Venomoth Image Venomoth
Venonat Image Venonat
Venusaur Image Venusaur
Vibrava Image Vibrava
Victreebel Image Victreebel
Vigoroth Image Vigoroth
Vileplume Image Vileplume
Volbeat Image Volbeat
Vulpix Image Vulpix
Wailmer Image Wailmer
Wailord Image Wailord
Walrein Image Walrein
Wartortle Image Wartortle
Weavile Image Weavile
Weepinbell Image Weepinbell
Weezing Image Weezing
Whiscash Image Whiscash
Whismur Image Whismur
Wigglytuff Image Wigglytuff
Wingull Image Wingull
Wooper Image Wooper
Xatu Image Xatu
Yanma Image Yanma
Yanmega Image Yanmega
Zangoose Image Zangoose
Zigzagoon Image Zigzagoon
Zubat Image Zubat

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