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This page is about the Auto-Atk Stealth Gem from Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (XC1) for the Nintendo Switch. Everything about this gem, including its effect at each rank, equipment type, where to find Auto-Atk Stealth, and whether or not you should use the Auto-Atk Stealth gem can all be found here!

Auto-Atk Stealth Gem Effect and Basic Info

General Information

Auto-Atk Stealth
Effect Reduces aggro drawn from using auto-attacks by (%).
Color Light Blue
Equipment Type Weapon
Category Defence
Base Sell Price 550
Gem Rating B Rank Icon

Auto-Atk Stealth Rank Values and Max Value

Rank Minimum Value Maximum Value
Rank I
Rank II
Rank III
Rank IV
Rank V
Rank VI
Max Combined 50%

Max Combined refers to the maximum buff that a character can receive through equipping gems of this type.

Are Auto-Atk Stealth Gems Any Good?

A mediocre gem

Auto-Atk Stealth only has a few situations that are great for it, and even then, there are still other gems that can prove more useful. Only equip Auto-Atk Stealth if the situation really calls for it or it works on your specific build.

How to Get Auto-Atk Stealth Crystals

Sources of Auto-Atk Stealth Crystals
Tephra Cave: Jada/Jadals Arachno, Lizards
Eryth Sea: Goldi/Zeldi Kromar
Mining: Ether Mine, Bionis' Interior

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1 Anonymous22 days

Reminder that this only lowers aggro from auto attacks. If you want to lower your aggro from arts. Use arts stealth or just use Aggro Down.

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