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Is Summon Ice Worth Leveling Up? Effect and Usage

This page explains the effects of Summon Ice, an Art in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (XC1) for the Nintendo Switch. Find out how to use Summon Ice, and whether or not this art is worth leveling up!

Summon Ice Effect and Basic Info

Summon IceSummon Ice
Effect Ice reduces ether damage. Discharge inflicts Chill damage.
User Melia
Art Type Ether
Level Learned 56
Color Blue
Power (%) 120 ~ 201
Cooldown (Sec.) 45 ~ 16.7

How to Use Summon Ice

Reduced Ether Damage

To use an elemental Art, simply select it and Melia will summon it, and this elemental will float around Melia and give its effect, which is reduced Ether damage to Melia and nearby party members.
Xenoblade Melia Elementals.jpg
You can have up to three elementals up and giving buffs at the same time.

Chill Damage

Once it is summoned, you can use Elemental Discharge to fire it into an enemy and inflict this element's corresponding effect: inflicting Chill damage on enemies.

To learn more about Elemental Discharge, click the link down below.
How to Use Elemental Discharge | Melia's Talent Art

Is Summon Ice Worth Leveling Up?

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Summon Ice is worth leveling up

This is generally a great Art that is useful in several builds, so we recommend setting it and leveling it up. This Art is one of Melia's better Arts, and if you have extra AP, you can't go wrong spending it on this one.

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