Wolf Fur Cape Recipe | How to Craft the Wolf Fur Cape and Stats

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This is a guide to the Wolf Fur Cape Weapon in Valheim. Learn the crafting recipe for the Wolf Fur Cape, what materials are needed to craft and upgrade it, and all stats and information.

Wolf Fur Cape Basic Information

Name Wolf Fur Cape ImageWolf Fur Cape
Armor Type Cape
Description Wolves are natural survivors. This one was just unlucky. Now its pelt will warm you in the snow.
Crafting Station Workbench (Lv. 2)
Weight 4.0
Durability Level 1: 1000
Level 2: 1200
Level 3: 1400
Level 4: 1600
Armor Level 1: 1
Level 2: 2
Level 3: 3
Level 4: 4
Damage Modifier Resistance VS Frost
Item Spawn Code CapeWolf

Wolf Fur Cape Offers Frost Resistance!

Wolf Fur Cape grants its wearer Frost Resistance. This added resistance is strong enough to completely negate the Freezing Debuff of Mountain biomes.

Paired with the fact that this cape requires significantly less Silver to craft compared to other pieces of the Wolf Armor Set, The Wolf Fur Cape is an excellent item to craft as soon as you start exploring the Mountains!

Wolf Fur Cape Recipe: How to Craft the Wolf Fur Cape

Crafting Materials Needed

Item Name How to Get
Silver x4 Smelted from Silver ores using a Smelter.
Wolf Pelt x6 Enemy Drop from Wolves.
Wolf Trophy x1 Enemy Drop from Wolves.

Spawn with Console Command

If you don't mind using cheats to obtain it, the Wolf Fur Cape can easily be spawned with the console command.

To spawn the item, first turn on cheat codes by typing imacheater in the F5 console, and use the spawn CapeWolf command to create the item.

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How to Upgrade the Wolf Fur Cape

Level 2 Upgrade Materials

Silver ImageSilver x2 Wolf Pelt ImageWolf Pelt x4

Level 3 Upgrade Materials

Silver ImageSilver x4 Wolf Pelt ImageWolf Pelt x8

Level 4 Upgrade Materials

Silver ImageSilver x6 Wolf Pelt ImageWolf Pelt x12

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