How To Use Charge Blade | Monster Hunter World (MHW)

This is a guide on how to use everyone's favorite versatile weapon in Monster Hunter World , the Charge Blade. Read on more to learn about their controls and how to effectively use it.

Charge Blade Basic Controls

Sword Form

Triangle button.png Standard Attack
Hold O button.png
Charged Double Slash
Triangle button.png + O button.png
Forward Slash
Mid-Combo L stick.png + O button.png
Sliding Slash
R2.png + Triangle button.png
Sword Morph Slash
R2.png + O button.png
Charge Phials

Axe Form

Triangle button.png Standard Attack
O button.png
Element Discharge
Triangle button.png + O button.png
Amped Element Discharge / Super Amped Element Discharge
Morph Slash

Both Forms

Aim Slinger (unsheathed)
L2.png + R2.png
Fire Slinger

Iceborne Exclusive

L2.png + O button.png
Fire Clutch Claw
After Attack L2.png
Slinger Burst

Charge Blade Mechanics

Charging the Shield

When using the Charge Blade, the player is able to charge the shield using the Phials, if there are any. Having a charged shield will make shield attacks benefit from the Phials and apply Phial Damage while also allowing the player access to restricted moves like the Super Amped Elemental Discharge.

Charging the Sword

The player may also have the option to charge the sword while in the Sword Form. Same with charging the shield, this allows sword attacks to benefit from the Phials and apply Phial Damage and also gives the player Mind's Eye which prevents the weapon's attacks from bouncing on the enemy.

Savage Axe Mode

This mode is exclusive to players who own the Iceborne DLC. In order to enter the Savage Axe Mode, players need to have a charged shield, and Phials beforehand. Next players need to press L2 when executing an SAED to cancel it and enter Savage Axe Mode instead.

This mode is very powerful for the Axe Form because it allows attacks from the Axe Form to hit the monster multiple times instead of 1 per attack. This also benefits from the Phials and applies Phial Damage to the Axe Forms attacks. The downside to this mode is that when you run out of Phials, the Savage Axe Mode will disappear and you will need to reactivate it again.

Best Charge Blade Combos

Super Amped Elemental Discharge


The Super Amped Elemental Discharge or "SAED", is one of the highest damaging attacks for the Charge Blade. In order to accomplish this move, your shield needs to charged and you also need at least one of the phials filled up.

When you have both the requirements for the SAED, all you need to do is press △ + O while in Axe mode to execute this move.

There are also other ways to execute this move as part of a combo, but the easiest and fastest way is through a Guard Point which is further explained below. Here are some of the combos you can do to execute an SAED.

Hold O button.png > Triangle button.png + O button.png > Triangle button.png + O button.png
After a Guard or a Guard Point Triangle button.png + O button.png

Sword Combo

Sword Combo.gif

The Sword Combo is the basic combo that players use in order to charge up their sword and gain some phials. Players mainly use this combo to dish out some extra phial damage if their shield has been charged.

To execute this combo you simple need to hold the O button and follow up with △ + O after the Double Charged Slash.

Hold O button.png > Triangle button.png + O button.png

Axe Combo

Axe Combo.gif

The Axe Vombo is also one of the highest damaging combos for the Charge Blade. This move becomes more effective if the player activates the Savage Axe mode for the Axe Form.

This combo is extremely effective against stationary or downed large monsters. If the player a charged shield and an active Savage Axe mode, their moves will hit the monster multiple times while adding some phial damage to the combo.

HachikoBanner.pngGame8 Team The Savage Axe mode is only available if you own the Iceborne DLC for the game.

Guard Points

Guard Point.gif

A Guard Point is an advanced move for the Charge Blade where the player is considered to be blocking during a move. If a player has the requirements for an SAED, they can immediately follow it up right after a successful Guard Point.

The player can execute Guard Points when they receive an attack from the front during a move where the shield is placed in front of them. Below are a few examples which put the shield in front of the player:

Sword Form
R2.png + Triangle button.png
Guard Point is in the beginning of the Morph Slash
Axe Form
Guard Point is at the end of the Morph Slash

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