How To Use Heavy Bowgun | Monster Hunter World (MHW)

This is a guide on how to use everyone's favorite long-ranged artillerty weapon in Monster Hunter World (MHW), the Heavy Bowgun. Read on more to learn about their controls and how to effectively use it.

Heavy Bowgun Basic Controls

Base Game Controls

R2.png Fire
O button.png Load/Unload Special Ammo
Triangle button.png
L1.png + X button.png / Triangle button.png
Select Ammo
Triangle button.png + O button.png
Melee Attack
Hold L2.png + R3 button.png
Aim Slinger (unsheathed)
Triangle button.png + O button.png
Special Scope On/Off

Iceborne Exclusive

While aiming slinger
L2.png + O button.png
Fire Clutch Claw (unsheathed)

What is a Heavy Bowgun?

The Heavy Bowgun is a very versatile weapon in which the player can have a large variety of ways to hunt monsters. Each Heavy Bowgun supports a different set of Ammo Types which they can use as a reference to that Bowgun's strengths and weaknesses.

The Heavy Bowgun can also be equipped with a maximum of 5 Mods which improve the stats of the weapon. The synergy of these stats and the supported Ammo Type greatly defines what that Heavy Bowgun is mainly used for.

At the end of the day, it is up to the player to choose the Heavy Bowgun that best fits their playstyle and customizing it to make it more comfortable to use.


The stats for the Heavy Bowgun mainly determines what kind of mods the Heavy Bowgun will use. Improving these stats can help make the Bowgun easier to use since using the Heavy Bowgun can feel very sluggish.

Ammo Size Determines how many shots you can do before reloading. (Higher ammo size is better.)
Recoil Determines the how fast you can fire shots on the Bowgun. (Lower recoil is better.)
Reload Determines the reload speed of the Bowgun after you expend your magazine. (Faster reload speed is better.)
Deviation Determines how far your crosshair moves from its original position after firing. (Lower deviation is better.)

Ammo Types

There are 35 Ammo Types for the Heavy Bowguns in the game. Some Ammo Types have numbers which indicate the strength or effectiveness of that Ammo Type.

Each Heavy Bowgun can only equip some of the Ammo Types in the game and this mainly defines what that Heavy Bowgun is best used for.

All Ammo Types
Normal Ammo 1 Normal Ammo 2 Normal Ammo 3
Pierce Ammo 1 Pierce Ammo 2 Pierce Ammo 3
Spread Ammo 1 Spread Ammo 2 Spread Ammo 3
Sticky Ammo 1 Sticky Ammo 2 Sticky Ammo 3
Cluster Bomb 1 Cluster Bomb 2 Cluster Bomb 3
Flaming Ammo Water Ammo Thunder Ammo
Freeze Ammo Dragon Ammo Poison Ammo 1
Poison Ammo 2 Paralysis Ammo 1 Paralysis Ammo 2
Sleep Ammo 1 Sleep Ammo 2 Exhaust Ammo 1
Exhaust Ammo 2 Recovery Ammo 1 Recovery Ammo 2
Wyvern Ammo Slicing Ammo Tranq Ammo
Demon Ammo Armor Ammo -

Special Ammo Types

There are 2 Special Ammo Types that are available for the Heavy Bowguns. You can see the Heavy Bowgun's Special Ammo Type if you check the weapon's stats in the Equipment Info. You can use the Heavy Bowguns special ammo if you press O while standing still with the weapon unsheathed.


The Wyvernheart is the special ammo type that allows the heavy bowgun to fire similar to a machine gun. The longer the fire button is held the stronger each bullet will become. The downside to using this is that the your crosshair will move wildly depending on how high the Heavy Bowgun's deviation is.

This Special Ammo Type is the most effective against slow or stationary targets where you have a lot of time to shoot the monster.


The Wyvernsnipe is the second special ammo type which allows the Heavy Bowgun to fire a single round which pierces the monster followed up with multiple explosions depending on how many times it pierced the monster.

This Special Ammo type is the most effective when you shoot across the length of the monster to maximize the number of times it pierces the monster.

Mod List

The Heavy Bowgun Mods are attachments which you can put on your Heavy Bowgun to improve its stats. Some mods are exclusive to the Heavy Bowgun and cannot be equipped by the Light Bowgun.

All Heavy Bowgun Mods
Recoil Suppressor Reduces recoil for certain ammo types. Equipping two or more increases its efficacy.
Reload Assist Reduces reload time for specific ammo. Equipping two or more alters its effect.
Deviation Suppressor Reduces Deviation when firing. Can be equipped multiple times. (Cannot be equipped on bowguns with no deviation.)
Close Range Up Increases attack power when firing at close range. Can be equipped multiple times.
Ranged Attack Up Increases attack power when firing at long range. Can be equipped multiple times.
Shield Automatically defend yourself when your weapon is drawn. Equip two or more for better shielding.
Special Scope Enables an even deadlier Critical Rnage when readying the special scope. Does not stack.
Wyvernheart Mod Increases Wyvernheart power as successive rounds hit a monster.
Wyvernsnipe Mod Wyvernsnipe round no longer penetrate, but become extremely effective against weak points. Does not stack.
Power Barrel Enhances piercing damage and boosts stun and exhaust effects. Only one barrel type can be equipped. Does not stack.
Long Barrel Enhances ammo speed, enhancing both maximum and critical range. Only one barrel type can be equipped. Does not stack.

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