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Forging Bonds Banner

This is a walkthrough page for the Forging Bonds event in Fire Emblem Hereos (FEH). If you would like to know about this event, such as how it works, how to collect more friendship points, as well as rewards, please read on.

Recent Forging Bonds Info

Enduring Legacy Availability

Availability 03/05/2021 - 03/19/2021

Beyond Blood Featured Characters

Red Friendship Yellow Friendship Green Friendship Blue Friendship
Ingrid - GalateaIngrid Linhardt - HevringLinhardt Dedue - DimitriDedue Marianne - Adopted Daughter Image Marianne

Note: In Forging Bonds, you can still earn Friendship Points even if you do not have the featured characters.

Words from Commander

Feh Icon Feh! Where is Anna...!?

How to Gain Friendship Quickly

Check the Multiplier and Collect Friendship

Forging Bonds

When Forging Bonds is open, there are certain times when the multiplier for friendship points randomly increases, as well as featured characters who randomly become easier to obtain points for. The multiplier for friendship changes once every hour, so be sure to check back frequently and play when it is high.

It is most efficient to only play when the multiplier reaches 2x. The characters who have reached the max friendship of 3500 will stop appearing, and only the ones who have not reached the max value will appear and gain points, so use the times when the multiplier is high to play repeatedly and gain friendship for every character. Having a reliable team to use with Auto Battle is extremely useful if your main concern is collecting points quickly.

Equip Bonus Accessories!

Bonus Accessories

In Forging Bonds, equipping specific accessories to each of your characters will increase the amount of friendship you obtain by 25% for each playthrough. Unlike Bonus Heroes in Arena Battles and Tempest Trials, the amount of friendship increases for each hero equipped with an accessory, so be sure to equip all of your party members before going into battle for the most points!

If you have heroes on your teaam who do not have a bonus accessory equipped, a screen will pop up and prompt you to equip them. Clicking on Yes will auto equip all your heroes on the team who do not have an accessory (provided you have one for each), so you do not need to go to the Equip Accessories screen beforehand.

Shoot for the Advanced Difficulty

Forgind Bonds Advanced

There are three maps available in Forging Bonds: Advanced, Intermediate, and Beginner. The higher the difficulty, the higher the friendship that you can earn, so make sure to select Advanced if you wish to collect friendship the fastest.

Additionally, no matter what the difficulty, foes will be close to the level of the heroes on your team, so it is very easy to raise your heroes while progressing through this event.

Forging Bonds Total Score Rewards

Forging Bonds Rewards
Reward Quantity
Accessory 8
First Summon Ticket IconFirst Summon Ticket
Heroic Grail IconHeroic Grail
Divine Dew IconDivine Dew
Great Scarlet Badge IconGreat Scarlet Badge
Great Azure Badge IconGreat Azure Badge
Great Verdant Badge IconGreat Verdant Badge
Great Transparent Badge IconGreat Transparent Badge
Scarlet Badge IconScarlet Badge
Azure Badge IconAzure Badge
Verdant Badge IconVerdant Badge
Transparent Badge IconTransparent Badge

This is a list of the total rewards that can be obtained through this event, excluding the dialogues. The rewards that are worth getting excited for are the 8 limited accessories, the 4 Summon Tickets, and Heroic Grails.

Heroic Grails can be obtained when one of the event characters reaches the limit of 3500, so aim for completion if you want Heroic Grails. If you are not concerned with gaining Heroic Grails, you should at least try and reach 2500 to collect the bonus accessories which will be used in the next event.

What is Forging Bonds?

An event similar to Tempest Trials where your overall score results in rewards

Forging Bonds

Forging Bonds is a special event where you acquire friendship with four event characters. When you gain friendship, you are able to earn certain rewards and special conversations based off your total score.

The featured heroes of each event that you can collect friendship for change with each event. Unlike Tempest Trials, it does not matter if you do not actually own any of the featured heroes.

Defeat foes and earn friendship

Forging Bonds

In the Forging Bonds maps, friendship will sometimes be dropped from a treasure chest after defeating a foe.

Forging Bonds

Collecting friendship for each character will make your bond with each of them grow.

What do you get for collecting friendship?

Obtain Rewards!

Forging Bonds

Just like in Tempest Trials, you can obtain various rewards for the total amount of points that you collect in Forging Bonds. Some of the rewards include Hero Feathers, Badges, Weapon Refinery Materials, and Accessories.

Unlock Secret Messages

Forging Bonds

By raising your friendship with the featured heroes in Forging Bonds, you can see special conversations between the event's characters. Reaching the max level of friendship for all four featured heroes also unlocks a very special conversation between them.

Current Events

Event Name Active Period
Daily Special Maps Banner
Daily Special Maps
[Grand Hero Battle]
2/9/2019 -
Pawns of Loki Banner
Pawns of Loki
06/19/2021 - 06/20/2021
Bound Hero Battle: Ike and Julia Banner
Bound Hero Battle: Ike and Julia
[Bound Hero Battle]
06/17/2021 - 06/24/2021
Hall of Forms Banner
Hall of Forms
06/16/2021 - 06/29/2021
Forging Bonds Banner
Forging Bonds
06/08/2021 - 06/21/2021

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