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This is a Skull and Bones walkthrough wiki for the pirate adventure game from Ubsioft. Read on for guides on Skull and Bones' ship parts, contracts, collectibles, tools and resources, and maps!

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Armor Furniture Resources and Materials
Blueprints Tips and Tricks World Events
The Helm Main Contracts Investigations
Side Contracts Treasure Maps Infamy
Tools Bounties Ship Cosmetics
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Food Vendors and Shops Factions
Characters Battle Pass Seasons
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Skull and Bones Ships

Skull and Bones - Ships

List of All Ships and Ship Types

All Ships Guides

Ship Guides
Best Ships All Boat Controls
How to Carry More Cargo How to Increase Stamina
How to Increase Ship Speed How to Board Ships
List of All Medium Ships How to Level Up Ship
How to Disembark Can You Quick Turn?
How to Repair Ship Best Small Ship and Small Ships List

All Available Ships

Pyromaniac Sambuk HullbreakerHullbreaker Brigantine
VanguardVanguard Snow BombardierBombardier Padewakang
BlasterBlaster Sloop FirebrandFirebrand Barge
SentinelSentinel Cutter DefenderDefender Hulk
RammerRammer Bedar ExeterExeter's Jolly Dhow

Skull and Bones Interactive Map

Skull and Bones - Interactive Map Partial Banner Template.png
Interactive Map and Points of Interrest

Region Guides

Skull and Bones Regions
Coast of Africa Red Isle
Open Seas East Indies

Points of Interest Guides

Skull and Bones Points of Interest
Settlements Military Bases
Outposts Foundries
Weavers Lumberyards

Location Articles

Location Articles
Fast Travel Points Pirate Bonfires
Manager of Le Pont Muet Manager of Palka Buta

Red Isle Points of Interest

Points of Interest
Ankohonana Dragon's Back Du Bois Lumberyard
Fonderie Royale Fort du Lys Fort Louis
Guerande Hovohovo La Bastide
Lamba Weaver Lanitra Mother of Shipwrecks
Palisade Bay Raofia Weaver Royal Burial Ground
Sacred Tree Sadjoa Foundry Sainte-Amelie
Sainte-Anne Shijavu Sitrana
Tamby Foundry Tanjona Tankazo Lumberyard
Tenina Town The Oubliette Tsifo Lumberyard
Vorona Falls

Coast of Africa Points of Interest

Points of Interest
Bandari Elder's Cave Fond-de-la-Baie
Fort-du-Bout Grand-Fort Great Ukuta
Harufu Harufu Lumberyard Harufu Weaver
Ile Michel Jiwe Jiwe Foundry
Jiwe Weaver Kaa Mangrove Kambi Lumberyard
Kusini La Colonie La Corde Weaver
Mchanga Mumali Foundry Pembe
Pembe Foundry Pillar Tomb Pilot Bay Weaver
Poacher's Cache Port des Mines Rondavels Lumberyard
Sunken Goldmine The Navigator's Cross Wavuvi Foundry
Wavuvi Island

East Indies Points of Interest

Points of Interest
Bukit Candi Damai Duister East Foundry
Duister North Foundry Duister West Foundry Fort Duister
Fort Granbie Fort Harimau Fort Prakoso
Fort Premie Granbie Kampung Subur
Karst Lookout Kelelawar Chamber Kencur
Kencur Lumberyard Kencur Weaver Khmoy Estate
Kota Lama Kota Lama Foundry Kota Lama Lumberyard
Laar Laar South Lumberyard Laar West Lumberyard
Lada Lada Foundry Lost City of Prei
Megafort Oosten North Damai Foundry North Suny Weaver
Oosten Capital Parujar's Cry Rangnok Cave
Ruined Lighthouse Ruins of Luk Khun Sangdad
South Damai Foundry South Suny Weaver Subur Lumberyard
Suny Capital Suny Foundry Suny Lumberyard
Telok Penjarah The Forgotten Candi The Necropolis
Trisula Foundry

Open Seas Points of Interest

Points of Interest
Dutchman's Camp Grande Falaise Kokok Terapung
Moyenne Crique Return Fleet Bight Three Brothers

Skull and Bones Ship Weapons

Skull and Bones - Ship Weapons
List of All Ship Weapons

All Weapons by Loadout Slots

All Weapons by Loadout Slots
Deck Weapons Top Deck Weapons
Auxiliary Weapons Bow Weapons

All Ship Weapons Guide

All Ship Weapons Guide
Best Ship Weapons and Cannons

Skull and Bones Ship Armor

Skull and Bones - Ship Armors

List of All Ship Armors

All Ship Armors Guide

All Ship Armors Guide
Best Ship Armor How to Get the Ouroboros
How to Get The Bastion How to Get Royal Custodian

Skull and Bones Furniture

Skull and Bones - Ship Furniture
List of All Ship Furniture

All Ship Furniture by Type

All Ship Furniture by Type
Major Offensive Utility

All Ship Furniture Guide

All Ship Furnitures Guide
Best Ship Furniture

Skull and Bones Resources and Materials

Skull and Bones - Resources and Materials Partial.png

How to Get All Resources and Materials

All Resources and Materials By Type

All Resources and Materials by Type
Wood Metal
Fiber Hide
Flawed Materials Specialized Materials
Exotic Materials Helm Materials

All Resources and Materials Guides

All Resources and Materials Guides
Resource Map Do Resources Refresh?
Resource Gathering Mini-Game -

Skull and Bones Blueprints

Skull and Bones - Blueprints

List of All Blueprints

Skull and Bones Tips and Tricks

Skull and Bones Tips and Tricks

Beginner's Guide: Tips and Tricks

All Tips and Tricks

Early Game Guides
Early Game Guide Character Creation and Customization Options
Best Settings Best Items to Sell
How to Change the Captain's Name How to Change Clothes
How to Start Over Language Options
All Fast Travel Point Locations Crafting Guide
How to Fish List of All Exploits
How to Cure All Status Effects All Pirate Bonfire Locations
Advanced Guides
Money Farming Guide How to Get Sovereigns
Supply Routes and Networks Explained -
Multiplayer Guides
Multiplayer Size How to Enable or Disable Crossplay
How to Join Friends How to Voice Chat
How to Disable Text Chat How to Trade Items with Other Players
Is There Land Combat or Sword Fighting? Can You Skip Cutscenes?
Can You Sprint? Do Dialogue Choices Matter?
What Happens When You Die? How to Lower Hostility
All UI Icons Explained All Damage Types and Mitigations Explained
How to Survive Rogue Waves Rarity Explained
What Is the Max Level? How to Increase Warehouse Storage Space
How to Claim Welcome Firework Day Night Cycle Explained

Skull and Bones World Events

Skull and Bones World Events

All World Event Locations

World Events

World Event Types
PVP World Event Guides
Cutthroat Cargo Hunt Hostile Takeovers
PVE World Event Guides
Kuharibu Maangodin Ghost Ship

Skull and Bones The Helm

Skull and Bones The Helm.png

The Helm and All Its Facilities

All The Helm Guides

Helm Guides
Order Registry Reset and Unlock Condition List of Black Market Items
How to Get Pieces of Eight How to Get Gold Skull Rum

Skull and Bones Main Contracts

Skull and Bones - All Main Contracts
List of All Main Contracts

A Covert Initiation Escape From Paradise
Eastern Relations First Blood
Growing Threat Raising the Banners
The Spice Must Flow Unwelcome Aboard
Twilight Keepers Dressed to Kill
The Lion of Saint-Anne Belly of the Beast
Firepower Ascent Brokered Ground
The Arms of Night The Pirate Round
High Seas Heist Under a Storm
The Shadow of Spoils Moonsmoke Queen
Smoke and Secrets Growing Ambitions
A Pirate's Deal A Tight Ship
Delicate Alliance A Nose for Business
Unsacred Offerings Unsettling Grip
Drowning in Deceit The Devil's Gambit
Blood-soaked Silver Cutthroat Secrets
Taking the Helm Cloak and Dagger
The Lion and The Rat New Horizons
Sink or Swim Appointment with Power
The Expanding Reach New Beginnings
The Dawn of War Tools of the Trade
Blue Moon Bribes Nightfall Missives
A Seaworthy Ship Arms and Guns
Unseen Threat Forging Destruction
The Tow of Empire

Skull and Bones Investigations

Skull and Bones - Investigations
List of All Investigations and How to Unlock Them

Freeman's Lost Treasure Turning the Page The Fall of Lanitra
Mentari of the Unbound Ambush Hunt for the Crown of Ukuta
The Ashen Corsair A Legacy of Madness Grave News
Bloody Bones Legacy

Skull and Bones Side Contracts

Skull and Bones - Side Contracts
All Side Contracts and Where to Find Them

Relics of the Past Fates in the Stars
Thrill of the Hunt From the Deep
Poor Compagnie We Seek Warriors
Life After Death Hammer and Plunder

Skull and Bones Treasure Maps

Skull and Bones - Treasures

All Treasure Map Locations

Treasure Maps

Treasure Map Types
Old Treasure Maps Recent Treasure Maps

All Treasures

List of All Treasures
Sea People Relic Location
(Side Contract)
Port l'Hermine Treasure Location
Caradec's Bounty Treasure Location Sultanate of Sohar Treasure Location

Skull and Bones Infamy

Skull and Bones Infamy

Infamy System Explained

All Infamy Guides

All Infamy Guides
All Infamy Rewards and Unlocks How to Raise Infamy Fast
Kingpin Unlocks and Required Infamy -

Skull and Bones Tools

Skull and Bones - Tools

List of Tools

All Tools

List of All Tools
Crowbar Hunting Spear
Pickaxe Saw
Sickle Spyglass

All Tool Guides

List of All Tool Guides
How to Get Repair Kits Fast How to Get Restoration Kits Fast

Skull and Bones Bounties

Bounties and Elite Captains

Bounties and Elite Captains

Skull and Bones Ship Cosmetics

Skull and Bones - Ship Cosmetics

List of All Ship Cosmetics

All Ship Cosmetic Types

Sails Figure Heads Hull
Ornaments Nameplates Wheel
Helm Decor Crew Look Pets
Trophies Crow's Nest Fireworks

Skull and Bones Cosmetics

List of All Clothing, Outfits, and Cosmetics

All Cosmetic Types

Headwear Face Accessory Neck
Torso Waist Forearm
Hand Bottom Footwear
Body Cosmetics and Tattoos Emotes

Skull and Bones Achievements

Skull and Bones - Achievements Partial Banner.png

Trophy Guide and List of Achievements

All Achievements Guide

Achievement Guides
There You Are! Hello, World!
The Silencer Rags to Riches
The Mime After a Long Day of Sailing
It's More Fun Together! -

Skull and Bones Commodities

Skull and Bones - Commodities.png
What to Do with Commodities

Skull and Bones Food

Skull and Bones - Food

Best Food and All Food List

Skull and Bones Vendors and Shops

Skull and Bones - Vendors and Shops Partial.png

All Vendors and Shops

Vendor Guides

What to Do if Vendors Won’t Talk to You -

Skull and Bones Factions

Skull and Bones Factions

List of All Factions and Megacorporations

Skull and Bones Characters

Skull and Bones - Characters

List of Voice Actors and Characters

Skull and Bones Battle Pass

Skull and Bones Battle Pass.png

Current Battle Pass Release Date and Rewards

All Battle Pass Guides

All Battle Pass Guides
How to Get Smuggler Pass Token -

Skull and Bones Seasons

Skull and Bones - Seasons
List of All Seasons (Year 1 Roadmap)

Season Start/End Date
Raging Tides
(Season 1)
~March 2024
Chorus of Havoc
(Season 2)
~June 2024
Into the Dragon's Wake
(Season 3)
~October 2024
Shadows Of the Deep
(Season 4)
~January 2025

Skull and Bones Bugs and Errors

Skull and Bones Bugs and Errors Report

All Bugs, Performance Issues, and Known Glitches

Bugs and Known Errors

All Known Errors
No Server Available How to Set Sail
What To Do If Game Keeps Crashing Failed to Join Game Session
How to Get Rid of Death Mark Expired Notification No English Error Explained
Incomplete Installation Error -

Skull and Bones News

Skull and Bones News and Updates

Latest News and Updates

Season 1 Releases on February 27, 2024!

Skull and Bones' Season 1: Raging Tides will release on February 27, 2024, adding a plethora of new content!

Earn seasonal rewards, progress the battle pass, enjoy new end-game activities, and defeat the fearsome Pirate Lord, Philippe LePeste!

Season 1 Release Time and Countdown

Year 1 Roadmap Confirms 4 Upcoming Seasons

Skull and Bones has recently released its roadmap for its first year of live service. The trailer showcases all new content to come in future updates, including new events, growing empires, and new PvP modes.

The trailer also confirms seasons where you can participate in limited-time events, such as festivals, hunts, and take-over opportunities. You'll also meet the new pirate kingpins in these seasons, presenting new challenges along the way.

List of Seasons

Skull and Bones Latest News

Skull and Bones Other News

Skull and Bones Game Info
Available Platforms All Multiplayer Features
PC System Requirements Game Length
Is Skull and Bones Online Only? Is Skull and Bones an MMO?
How to Link Ubisoft Account Will There be DLC?
Is Skull and Bones Singleplayer? Is There New Game Plus?
Pre-Release News
Open Beta Rewards What Carries Over From the Open Beta?
All Edition Differences Pre-Order Bonuses
Release Time Preload Time
Early Access Time Open Beta End Time

About Skull and Bones

Product Information

Skull and Bones
Skull and Bones Key Art
Price $59.99 (Standard Edition)
$89.99 (Premium Edition)
Platforms PlayStation 5
Xbox Series X|S
Genre Action-Adventure
Publisher Ubisoft
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