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Sea People Relic Location: Relics of the Past Walkthrough

Skull and Bones - Sea People Relic Location

The Sea People Relic is a Contract Item for the Relics of the Past contract in Skull and Bones. Learn the exact location of the Sea People Relic and what to do with it in this guide!

Sea People Relic Location

Fort Louis, Tenina Coast

Map View
Tenina Coast
World View
Fort Louis

The Sea People Relic clue treasure location is in Fort Louis, Tenina Coast. Once you disembark, walk a few steps ahead and immediately look to your left. You should see an anchor with some rope beside it.

As you approach it, a beam of light will appear. Go near it and dig up the treasure when prompted to retrieve the Lost Sea People Relic.

Sea People Treasure Clue

Lost Sea People Relic
A timeworn relic of the Sea People, lost to decades of conflict. A little battered, but surprisingly unharmed.
Sea People settlements seek this.

What to Do With Lost Sea People Relic

Deliver it to the Palisade Bay

With the Lost Sea People Relic at hand, head on over to the Palisade Bay, which is a bit northwest of Sainte-Anne, and interact with it. Select the “Relics of the Past” contract to deliver it over to the Sea People faction.

Relics of the Past Rewards

This will then finish up the contract and you'll immediately receive the following as rewards:

  • Windswept
  • First Aid Station
  • x2 Sea People Token
  • Boneforged
  • Sea People Bottom Case

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