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How to Get Pieces of Eight

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Skull and Bones - How to Get Pieces of Eight
Pieces of Eight are a special currency in Skull and Bones obtained by completing Helm Orders in Smuggler's Hideouts in Sainte-Anne and Telok Penjarah. Read on to learn how to get Pieces of eight, the best orders to do, and where you can spend this currency!

How to Get Pieces of Eight

Complete Orders for the Helm

Pieces of Eight are awarded from completing Orders which you can accept from the Order Registry located in the Smuggler's Hideout in Sainte-Anne and Telok Penjarah.

Smuggler's Hideout Locations

Sainte-Anne Location
Telok Penjarah Location

The Sainte-Anne Smuggler's Network unlocks after completing the A Cover Initiation quest which you obtain after completing enough missions with John Scurlock.

Meanwhile, the Telok Penjarah Smuggler's Network unlocks after completing The Helm Questline.

Complete Community Challenges

Skull and Bones - Community Challenges

You can also get Pieces of Eight from time-limited Community Challenges on Ubisoft Connect. Community challenges are refreshed weekly, and the current community challenge will reward 50 Pieces of Eight when completed.

Best Orders for Farming Pieces of Eight

Roving Orders

Order (Roving) are Helm missions that require you to sail to a certain location to meet with an Overseas Smuggler who is buying your Rum or Opium. Craft the requested amount of Rum or Opium, then meet up with the Overseas Smuggler to complete the order and get Pieces of Eight.

These orders reward the highest amount of Pieces of Eight in the game, with the minimum amount being around 129 Pieces of Eight per delivery.

Fast Travel is Disabled

Skull and Bones - Fast Travel is Disabled

Fast Travel is disabled once you accept the mission, and you'll need to prepare for a long trip to the Overseas Smuggler through treacherous and dangerous waters.

We recommend using a medium-sized ship when doing these missions for their higher cargo capacity for transporting the goods.

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Rogue Ships Will Attack You

Skull and Bones - Rogue Ships Will Attack You

You'll encounter Rogue Ships along the way who will attack you in an attempt to steal the cargo. Depending on the mission, you may encounter Eels, Orcas, or Wyrms which are Rogue Ship classes that specialize in a certain weapons such as close-ranged demi-cannons or sea fire!

We recommend arming your ship with the strongest weapon loadouts possible so you can fend off these ships or sink them to avoid getting pursued.

Best Weapons and Ship Loadout

What are Pieces of Eight?

Currency for the Helm Black Market

Pieces of Eight are a special currency awarded by completing missions provided by The Helm Black Market and are used to buy items from Yanita Nara in Sainte-Anne and Houma Nara in Telok Penjarah.

Best Used on Weapons and Armor

Pieces of Eight provide a way to obtain ship weapons and armor without crafting since weapons and armor purchased from the market are already crafted when bought.

Keep in mind that these are more expensive compared to crafting and purchasing them from the blacksmith with silver, and may require some grinding to get enough Pieces of Eight to purchase them from the Black Market.

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