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List of All Ships and How to Unlock Them

Skull and Bones Ships

There are 10 ships at launch for Skull and Bones. See a list of all ships, how to unlock them, how to upgrade your ship, how to customize it, as well as all ship customization options in this guide!

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How to Unlock All Ships

All Ship Blueprint Locations and Unlock Conditions

Ship Infamy Requirement Blueprint Location/Unlock Condition
ExeterExeter's Jolly Dhow Outcast Unlocked by default
RammerRammer Bedar Outcast During “A Seaworthy Ship” Main Contract
DefenderDefender Hulk Rover I Sacred Tree
SentinelSentinel Cutter Rover I Lanitra
FirebrandFirebrand Barge Buccaneer I Kaa Mangrove
BlasterBlaster Sloop Buccaneer I Sunken Goldmine
Or during “The Devil's Gambit” Main Contract
BombardierBombardier Padewakang Brigand I Telok Penjarah
VanguardVanguard Snow Corsair I Khmoy Estate
Or during “Nightfall Missives” Main Contract
Hullbreaker Brigantine Cutthroat I Ruined Lighthouse
Pyromaniac Sambuk Cutthroat I Can be found in either Pirate Dens, Sainte-Anne or Telok Penjarah

To obtain a ship, you first need to unlock its ship blueprint. Most ship blueprints are locked behind an Infamy rank requirement. After achieving that Infamy rank, you can buy the blueprint from vendors at the locations listed above.

After obtaining the ship blueprint, you can craft the ship at the Shipwright, provided that you have the necessary crafting materials.

List of All Blueprints

All Ships Explained

Exeter's Jolly Dhow Rammer Bedar
Defender Hulk Sentinel Cutter
Firebrand Barge Blaster Sloop
Bombardier Padewakang Vanguard Snow
Hullbreaker Brigantine Pyromaniac Sambuk

Exeter's Jolly Dhow

Exeter's Jolly Overview
Exeter A small vessel originally built to hunt wildlife along rivers and coastlines.
Type DPS Perks Hunter
Base Rank 1 Cargo 10,000
Speed 4 kn Trimming Speed 6 kn
Hull Health 7000 Brace Strength 0
Stamina 100 Furniture Slots 0
Loadout Potential • Auxiliary

The Exeter's Jolly Dhow is the first ship that you'll unlock. It is not built for combat and you can't outfit it with weapons and armor.

However, it will stay usable throughout the game, since you'll need this ship to hunt wildlife like sharks and crocodiles for their hides.
How to Get Exeter's Jolly Dhow

Rammer Bedar

Rammer Overview
Rammer A small maneuverable ship that can ram targets and cause flooding damage.
Type DPS Perks Lancer
Base Rank 1 Cargo 20,000
Speed 8 kn Trimming Speed 12 kn
Hull Health 22000 Brace Strength 4400
Stamina 100 Furniture Slots 2
Loadout Potential • Bow, Broadsides

During the tutorial main contract, A Seaworthy Ship, you are tasked to craft the Rammer Bedar ship.

The Rammer is great with ramming because of its Lancer perk, granting the ship 25% increased ramming damage. But this ship is weak, and it's recommended to get better ships as soon as they become available.

How to Get Rammer Bedar

Defender Hulk

Defender Overview
Defender More durable and capable of taking sustained damage, this ship specialized in bracing against incoming fire.
Type Tank Perks Ironclad
Base Rank 2 Cargo 46,000
Speed 8 kn Trimming Speed 10 kn
Hull Health 30000 Brace Strength 24000
Stamina 100 Furniture Slots 2
Loadout Potential • Bow, Broadsides, Stern

The blueprints for Defender Hulk can be bought from the Fara Warrior Vendor at the Sacred Tree.

The Defender is the tankiest beginner ship, having the Ironclad perk that gives Bracing boosts. But this ship is also one of the slowest ships and has limited gunports, so we recommend choosing another ship to use.
How to Get Defender Hulk

Sentinel Cutter

Sentinel Overview
Sentinel A ship capable of supporting other ships in the thick of combat.
Type Support Perks Unburden
Base Rank 2 Cargo 26,000
Speed 9 kn Trimming Speed 13 kn
Hull Health 21000 Brace Strength 4200
Stamina 100 Furniture Slots 2
Loadout Potential • Bow, Broadsides

The blueprints for Defender Hulk can be bought from the Shipwright at Lanitra.

The Sentinel is the best beginner ship because of its self-healing due to the Unburden perk, high speed, and easy maneuverability. This ship is also the only support ship currently available, and is a must-have for group play as its perk heals friendly ships in a radius.
How to Get Sentinel Cutter

Firebrand Barge

Firebrand Overview
Firebrand A ship specialized in dealing fire and burning damage, before spreading the chaos to nearby ships.
Type DPS Perks Wildfire
Base Rank 3 Cargo 30,000
Speed 9 kn Trimming Speed 12 kn
Hull Health 27000 Brace Strength 5400
Stamina 100 Furniture Slots 3
Loadout Potential • Bow, Broadsides, Stern

The blueprints for Firebrand Barge can be bought from the Corrupt Compagnie Officer at the Kaa Mangrove.

The Firebrand has the Firebrand perk, which applies the Ablaze status to surrounding enemies, which can also spread to other enemies. This makes it a great intermediate choice for taking on Elite Captains and World Bosses.
How to Get Firebrand Barge

Blaster Sloop

Blaster Overview
Blaster With the right weapons equipped, this ship is able to stand toe-to-toe with multiple enemies.
Type DPS Perks Outburst
Base Rank 3 Cargo 40,000
Speed 9 kn Trimming Speed 12 kn
Hull Health 25000 Brace Strength 5000
Stamina 100 Furniture Slots 3
Loadout Potential • Bow, Broadsides

The blueprints for Blaster Sloop can be bought from the Ungwana Merchant at the Sunken Goldmine. You can also get them during the The Devil's Gambit contract.

The Blaster has the Outburst Perk which gives it a chance to cause an explosion in a radius around it. Its explosions-focused Perk allows it to go toe-to-toe with multiple enemies, but it has to rely on chance to deal heavy damage.

How to Get Blaster Sloop

Bombardier Padewakang

Bombardier Overview
Bombardier A larger ship capable of taking on multiple enemies when properly equipped.
Type DPS Perks Detonate
Base Rank 5 Cargo 70,000
Speed 11 kn Trimming Speed 14 kn
Hull Health 37000 Brace Strength 7400
Stamina 100 Furniture Slots 4
Loadout Potential • Bow, Broadsides, Stern, Auxiliary

The blueprints for Bombardier Padewakang can be bought from the Shipwright at Telok Penjarah.

The Bombardier is one of the best ships in the game, and is the best DPS ship for plundering settlements. It has the Detonate perk, which which gives it a chance to cause an explosion in a radius around it. It also has the highest Hull Health out of all DPS ships.

How to Get Bombardier Padewakang

Vanguard Snow

Vanguard Overview
Vanguard A ship with increased durability and holding its ground in a fight. It specialized in bracing against incoming fire.
Type Tank Perks Tenacity
Base Rank 5 Cargo 80,000
Speed 10 kn Trimming Speed 13 kn
Hull Health 50000 Brace Strength 25000
Stamina 100 Furniture Slots 4
Loadout Potential • Bow, Broadsides, Stern, Auxiliary

The blueprints for Vanguard Snow can be bought from the Shipwrecked Rogue vendor in Khmoy Estate. You can also get them by completing the Nightfall Missives contract.

The Vanguard is the tankiest ship, boasting the highest Hull Health out of all of them, and the Tenacity perk which boosts its Brace strength and recovery. This ship is a great choice for drawing aggro and tanking Elite Captains and World Bosses for when playing with a group.
How to Get Vanguard Snow Ship

Hullbreaker Brigantine

Hullbreaker Overview
A swift ship that is able to ram singular targets and cause flooding damage.
Type DPS Perks Bullhorn
Base Rank 5 Cargo 45,000
Speed 12 kn Trimming Speed 18 kn
Hull Health 40000 Brace Strength 8000
Stamina 100 Furniture Slots 5
Loadout Potential • Bow, Broadsides, Stern, Auxiliary

The blueprints for Vanguard Snow can be bought from the Corrupt DMC Officer at the Ruined Lighthouse.

The Hullbreaker is a ramming-focused ship, with its Bullhorn perk increasing ramming damage and applying Flooding damage. This ship is the best generalist DPS ship for hunting down other ships and Elite Captains.
How to Get Hullbreaker Brigantine

Pyromaniac Sambuk

Pyromaniac Overview
A ship specialized in dishing out fire damage and burning its targets. It is also able to target multiple enemies in close proximity.
Type DPS Perks Scorched
Base Rank 5 Cargo 70,000
Speed 11 kn Trimming Speed 14 kn
Hull Health 35000 Brace Strength 7000
Stamina 100 Furniture Slots 5
Loadout Potential • Bow, Broadsides, Stern, Auxiliary

The blueprints for Pyromaniac Sambuk can be bought from either managers of the Pirate Dens: Yanita Nara of Sainte-Anne, or Houma Nara of Telok Penjarah.

The Pyromaniac is the best ship in the game, as one of the two ships you unlock last. It's a ship focused on inflicting status, with its Scorched perk having a lot of Ablaze status-related effects and boosts. Its sheer firepower makes it the best DPS ship for hunting down World Bosses.
How to Get Pyromaniac Sambuk

How to Upgrade Your Ship

Level Up by Upgrading Weapons, Armor, and Furniture

Skull and Bones - Ship Level

You can improve and level up your ship by equipping it better weapons, armor, and furniture.

These equipment can be bought from the Carpenter in exchange for resources and a few silver. You can then equip them through the “Manage Ship” menu.

Adding these equipment to your ship will raise its level and removing them will lower it.

How to Raise Ship Rank and Level

The Max Attainable Ship Level so far is 10

Ship Loadout Potential
ExeterExeter's Jolly Auxiliary
RammerRammer Bow, Broadsides
DefenderDefender Bow, Broadsides, Stern
SentinelSentinel Bow, Broadsides
FirebrandFirebrand Bow, Broadsides, Stern
BlasterBlaster Bow, Broadsides
BombardierBombardier Bow, Broadsides, Stern, Auxiliary
VanguardVanguard Bow, Broadsides, Stern, Auxiliary
Hullbreaker Bow, Broadsides, Stern, Auxiliary
Pyromaniac Bow, Broadsides, Stern, Auxiliary

Larger ships come with a greater weapon loadout potential, so these will be the ones that can get a higher ship level more easily.

Based on our team's gameplay, the max ship level in Skull and Bones is level 10. There seems to be a Level 11 option for the ships but we haven't reached it yet. We're currently working out the best loadout to get a Level 11 ship in the game!

What is the Max Level?

Increase Speed and Stamina With Furniture

Furniture Effect
Sterile Galley I Increases Maximum Stamina by 7%
Balanced Mast I Increases Acceleration and Deceleration by 8%
Rope Locker Increases Acceleration to 300% when trim is activated at full Stamina. 5% of Stamina is instantly consumed to trigger this effect.

You can increase your ship's speed and stamina by crafting furniture. We recommend making the Sterile Galley I, Balanced Mast, and Rope Locker furniture at a Carpenter and equipping your ship with them so you can navigate the seas faster!

Ship Speed and Stamina Guides
▶︎ How to Increase Ship Speed ▶︎ How to Increase Stamina

Repair Ship at Docks or with Repair Kits

Skull and Bones - Repair Kits

You can repair your ship for a price depending on how damaged your ship is while docked on outposts. However, fast traveling to a dock isn't possible while sailing. If your ship is too damaged, you need to sail to the nearest dock first before you can fix it.

Because of this, we recommend having repair kits and restoration kits with you all the time so you can fix your ship even when sailing.

How to Repair Ship

Larger Ships Have More Cargo Potential

Ship Size Cargo Potential
ExeterExeter's Jolly Small 10,000
RammerRammer Small 20,000
DefenderDefender Small 46,000
SentinelSentinel Small 26,000
FirebrandFirebrand Small 30,000
BlasterBlaster Small 40,000
BombardierBombardier Medium 70,000
VanguardVanguard Medium 80,000
Hullbreaker Medium 45,000
Pyromaniac Medium 70,000

Ships that are larger have more cargo potential than their smaller counterparts. If your ship do not have enough cargo space, you can transfer some of your items to the warehouse. Your maximum warehouse storage space will increase to 200 slots once you've reached the Kingpin Infamy Rank.

How to Carry More Cargo

How to Customize Ships

Manage Your Ship While Docked

Skull and Bones - Manage Ship

Ships can be customized whenever they are docked in any fast travel point across the game. Parts for your ship are rewarded through contracts, activities, or crafted from NPCs.

All Fast Travel Point Locations

All Ship Customization Options

Available Customization Options
Weapons Install weapons to deal damage in combat.
Armor Outfit armor to mitigate damage in combat.
Furniture Buffs the ship crew.
Cosmetics Alter the appearance of the ship.
Ship Name Change the name of the ship.
Switch Ships Select one from your owned ships.


Skull and Bones - Ship Weapons

Weapons are crafted at the Blacksmith and can be installed on the different slots of your ship. Each weapon has different properties like its damage, reload speed, projectile speed, and even perks!

List of All Ship Weapons

Damage Types

Damage Type Effect
Skull and Bones - Explosive DMG IconExplosive Causes an area to explode, damaging surrounding targets.
Skull and Bones - Piercing DMG IconPiercing Increased damage to weakpoints of a ship.
Skull and Bones - Fire DMG IconFire Deals burning damage onto an enemy ship.
Skull and Bones - Tearing DMG IconTearing Provides more damage when firing on the sails of a ship.
Skull and Bones - Flooding IconFlooding Deals more damage when a ship is flooded.
Skull and Bones - Base DMG IconBasic Damage Overall base damage and raw firepower of a weapon.

All Damage Types and Mitigations Explained


Skull and Bones - Armor Customization

The Blacksmith can also craft various Armor that can be fitted to your ships to provide damage resistance and ship perks. Armor can also slightly alter the appearance of your ship!

List of All Ship Armors


Skull and Bones - Ship Furniture

Furniture are crafted from the Carpenter and grant upgrades to your ship's crew.

These are separated into Offensive Furniture, Utility Furniture, and Major Furniture to tailor your ship to its strengths or cover its weaknesses.

List of All Ship Furniture


Skull and Bones - Cosmetics Customization

You can also place several cosmetics on your ship to make it unique and stand out from the rest.

Cosmetic slots include the sails, figure head, hull, and more!

List of All Ship Cosmetics

Ship Name

Skull and Bones - Change Ship Name

Players can name their ships and change it at any time when docked. There is however a limit of 15 characters only.

Switch Ships

Skull and Bones - Ship Selection

Once you have amassed a fleet of ships, you can change your current ship when docked. When switching ships, you'll be given the option to move all your cargo to your new ship or the warehouse.

All Ship Guides

All Ships Guides

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