Skull and Bones

What To Do When No Server Available

Skull and Bones What to Do When No Server Available

A No Server Available error on Skull and Bones Open Beta can be fixed by disabling Crossplay from the game's settings. Read on to learn how to solve the No Server Available Error and what to do when No Server Available.

What to Do When No Server Available

Restarting the Application Doesn't Always Fix This

The No Server Available Error has been showing up for some players of Skull and Bones Open Beta right after they have finished the tutorial of the game.

Unfortunately, restarting the game doesn't fix the No Server Available Error but here are two things you can do to fix this error in the game.

Disable Crossplay

Skull and Bones Settings

One fix you can do is to disable Crossplay from the settings. This usually fixes server issues in games like Skull and Bones where players can play with each other despite playing on different platforms.

You can disable Crossplay by following these steps:

  1. Open the Settings Menu.
  2. Go to the “Gameplay” tab.
  3. Look for “Crossplay” and untick the box to disable it.

In our gameplay, we tried doing this fix 4 times before we were able to get rid of the error and get into the game. You can try doing this fix a couple of times in your game as well until you get in.

Wait For Ubisoft's Announcement

If disabling Crossplay didn't work, it's best to wait for Ubisoft's announcement on how they're planning to fix this error.

As of writing, players who have encountered the No Server Available error were able to get into the game shortly after encountering it. If the error still persists, we can expect a fix from Ubisoft in the coming days.

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Please help me cause I have no idea what it means

2 Anonymous3 months

Access denied by beta manager for skull and bones for the PlayStation five error code capital OWL – 0002D00F can somebody please help me out because I looked at and did not find anything useful. Please tell me what this is this means because I have no idea.


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