Skull and Bones

How to Disable Text Chat

Skull and Bones - How to Disable Text Chat
Text Chat in Skull and Bones can be disabled via the settings menu! See how to disable Text Chat, how to turn off server error notifications, and how to disable Group text or World Text Chat in this guide!

How to Disable Text Chat

Disable in Interface Settings

Skull and Bones - Interface Settings
To disable Text Chat as a whole, you can go to Settings > Interface. Afterwards, navigate to Text Chat and toggle the setting On or Off.

Consider disabling Text Chat if your vision gets obscured by Text Chats too much.

Disabling text chat also turns off Ubisoft online server error notifications, such as the Kingfisher-4 and Nightingale-12C error prompts that appear via the chat box.

Disable in Quick Settings

Skull and Bones - Quick Settings
You can also disable Text Chat by going to the Quick Settings of the Chat Panel, and toggling Text Chat there.

You could access Quick Settings by pressing the right button on your platform:

PC Playstation Xbox
F2 Triangle Y

How to Disable World or Group Chat

Disable in Interface or Quick Settings

If you want, you can disable Group or World Text Chat only. Similarly, you can find and toggle them on either Interface Settings or in Quick Settings.

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