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Welcome to Game8's wiki and walkthrough for Metroid Dread, the newest game in the Metroid series for the Nintendo Switch. Learn everything you need to know about Metroid Dread including item tank locations, how to beat all bosses, where to find each upgrade, and how to progress through the game!

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Metroid Dread Site Map

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Metroid Dread Categories
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Metroid Dread Locations and Maps

Locations and Maps Partial Banner.png
Locations and Maps Top Page

Metroid Dread Artaria.jpgArtaria Metroid Dread Cataris.jpgCataris
Metroid Dread Dairon.jpgDairon Metroid Dread Burenia.jpgBurenia
Metroid Dread Ghavoran.jpgGhavoran Metroid Dread Ferenia.jpgFerenia
Metroid Dread Elun.jpgElun Metroid Dread Hanubia.jpgHanubia
Metroid Dread Itorash.jpgItorash -

Metroid Dread Story Walkthrough

story walkthrough partial.png

Complete Story Walkthrough

Walkthrough by Area
Artaria Partial Image.pngArtaria Cataris Partial Image.pngCataris
Dairon Walkthrough.pngDairon Burenia Partial Image.pngBurenia
Ferenia Partial Image.pngFerenia Artaria Part 2 Partial Image.pngArtaria Part 2
Ghavoran Partial Image.pngGhavoran Hanubai Partial Image.pngHanubia

Metroid Dread All Bosses

Metroid Dread List of Bosses Partial Banner

List of All Bosses

All Bosses in Metroid Dread
Metroid Dread - CorpiousCorpious Metroid Dread - KraidKraid
Dread - Robot Chozo Soldier Banner.pngRobot Chozo Soldier Dread - Drogyga Banner.pngDrogyga
Dread - Chozo Soldier Banner.pngChozo Soldier Metroid Dread - How to Beat Escue.pngEscue
Dread - Twin Robot Chozo Soldier Banner.pngTwin Robot Chozo Soldier Dread - Experiment No. Z-57 Banner.pngExperiment No. Z-57
Dread - Golzuna Banner.pngGolzuna Dread - Raven Beak Banner.pngRaven Beak
Central Units and EMMIs
How to Beat EMMI
Damaged EMMI.jpgDamaged Central Units.pngCentral Units
White EMMI.jpgWhite Green EMMI.pngGreen
Yellow EMMI.jpgYellow Blue EMMI.pngBlue
Purple EMMI.pngPurple Red EMMIRed

Metroid Dread Enemies

Enemies Partial Banner.png
List of Enemies

List of Enemies
Metroid Dread Enemy - Quetzoa.pngQuetzoa Metroid Dread Enemy - Yampa.pngYampa Metroid Dread Enemy - Klaida.pngKlaida Metroid Dread Enemy - Muzby.pngMuzby
Metroid Dread Enemy - Dizzean.pngDizzean Metroid Dread Enemy - Ply.pngPly Metroid Dread Enemy - Batalloon.pngBatalloon Metroid Dread Enemy - Slaaga.pngSlaaga
Metroid Dread Enemy - Vulkran.pngVulkran Metroid Dread Enemy - Autclast.pngAutclast Metroid Dread Enemy - Obsydomithon.pngObsydo-mithon Metroid Dread Enemy - Autsharp.pngAutsharp
Metroid Dread Enemy - Autsniper.pngAutsniper Metroid Dread Enemy - Armadigger.pngArma-digger Metroid Dread Enemy - Hecathon.pngHecathon -

Metroid Dread All Upgrades

Ability Upgrades Partial Banner.png

List of All Ability Upgrades

All Abilities & Upgrades

Suit Upgrades Partial Image.pngSuits and Suit Upgrades
Power Suit Varia Suit
Gravity Suit Metroid Suit
Beam Upgrades Partial Image.pngBeam Upgrades
Power Beam Charge Beam
Wide Beam Grapple Beam
Omega Cannon Diffusion Beam
Plasma Beam Wave Beam
Hyper Beam --
Missile Upgrades Partial Image.pngMissile Upgrades
Super Missile Ice Missile
Storm Missile -
Misc. Upgrades Partial Image.pngMisc. Upgrades
Spider Magnet Speed Booster
Shinespark Screw Attack
Space Jump Spin Boost
Morph Ball Upgrades Partial Image.pngMorph Ball Upgrades
Morph Ball Bomb
Cross Bomb Power Bomb
Aeion Abilities Partial Image.pngAeion Abilities
Phantom Cloak Flash Shift
Pulse Radar -

Metroid Dread Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks Partial Banner.png

Tips and Tricks Top Page

Items and Collectables
All Missile Tank Locations All Energy Tank Locations
All Power Bomb Tank Locations All Gallery Images and Chozo Files
100% Unlockables All Speed Booster and Shinespark Puzzles
Tips and Tricks
What Happens When You Get a Game Over Ending Explained
What to Do If You Get Stuck How to Unlock Hard Mode
Post Game Content How to Speedrun Metroid Dread
How to Counter EMMI How to Shoot Through Walls
How to Unlock Dread Mode How to Unlock Rookie Mode
Boss Rush Mode Guide Difficulty Mode Differences
Survival Rush Mode Guide Dread Rush Mode Guide
Practice Mode Guide -
Game Mechanics
All Door Types and Blocks Game Length
How to Parry How to Heal
Controls and Best Settings All Teleportal Locations
All Recharge Station Locations All Network Station Locations
All Save Station Locations All Map Station Locations

Metroid Dread Characters

Metroid Dread - Characters 1.png
List of All Characters

Major Characters
samus.pngSamus Aran emmi.pngEMMI chozo.pngThe Chozo
x-parasite.pngX Parasite metroid.pngMetroid adam.pngADAM
Metroid Dread Quiet Robe Character IconQuiet Robe

Metroid Dread News and Game Info

News and Game Info Partial Banner.png

News and Game Info Top Page

The Latest News

Release Date

Metroid Dread Release Date.png
Release Date October 8th, 2021

Metroid Dread is set to release on October 8th, 2021 for the Nintendo Switch. The time of day that Dread will be released on October 8th has not been announced at this time. For more detailed info about the release of Metroid Dread, check out our release date guide below.

Release Date: When Does Metroid Dread Come Out?

Dread is a Mainline Metroid Sequel

Metroid 5
The official trailer released by Nintendo shows that Metroid Dread is also considered the 5th entry in the mainline Metroid series. To learn more about the events leading up to Dread, check out the guide below.

Mainline Metroid Timeline
No. Title Platforms
1 Metroid •SNES
•Wii Virtual Console
•Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console
•Wii U Virtual Console
•Nintendo Switch Online
2 Metroid II: Return of Samus/Metroid: Samus Returns •Game Boy/ 3DS
•3DS Virtual Console
3 Super Metroid •SNES
•Wii Virtual Console
•Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console
•Wii U Virtual Console
•Nintendo Switch Online
4 Metroid Fusion •Game Boy Advance
•3DS Virtual Console
•Wii U Virtual Console
5 Metroid Dread •Nintendo Switch

Is Metroid Dread a Sequel?

Metroid Dread Message Boards

Metroid Dread Message Boards Partial

Message Boards

Metroid Dread - Discussion Board.pngDiscussion Board Metroid Dread - Questions Board.pngQuestions Board
Spoilers/Secrets Board Suggestions Board

Whether you have a question, are hunting for secrets, or want to share a discovery with the community, feel free to post your thoughts here!

About Metroid Dread


Metroid Dread Phantom Cloak Cube
Metroid Dread takes place directly after Metroid Fusion and is the fifth mainline Metroid game in the series. The gameplay is everything we've come to know and love about the Metroid series, including suit power-ups, challenging bosses, and environments that give off a feeling of profound isolation.

Play as Samus as she travels to the planet ZDR after the Galatic Federation recieves a mysterious signal. There she discovers the terrifying E.M.M.I. Once research machines created to extract DNA, these machines have gone rogue and are now hunting Samus down. Avoid the dangerous creatures and machines while trying to uncover the secrets that lie on ZDR!

Product Information and Box Art

Metroid Dread Box Art

Title Metroid Dread
Release Date October 8th, 2021
Price $59.99 USD / $79.99 CAD
Platform Nintendo Switch
Genre Action-adventure/Metroidvania
Developer / Publisher MercurySteam/Nintendo
Official Site Metroid Dread Official Site

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