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Hard Mode can be unlocked by completing the game on normal difficulty. This guide will cover how to unlock hard mode, hard mode differences and changes, and how to get all hard mode rewards in Metroid Dread. Read on to find out how to unlock the ultimate challenge with Metroid Dread's hard mode!

How to Unlock Hard Mode

Beat the Game on Normal Difficulty

Hard Mode Difficulty
Hard mode will not be available from the start of the game. Players will need to clear normal mode first in order to unlock hard mode. At the end of the game, your individual play time and stats will be displayed before a message stating that you have unlocked hard mode.

Hard Mode Differences

Stronger Enemies

How to Unlock Hard mode

Like previous installments with multiple difficulties, Metroid Dread's Hard Mode features enemies that are stronger than in normal mode. Enemies will deplete more Energy when you are injured, leaving far less room for error than during your first normal playthrough.

Hard Mode Rewards

New Ending Screens in the Gallery

Complete Hard Mode under 4 hours to unlock all of the following ending rewards.

Ending Reward How to Unlock
Ending Reward 4
Metroid: Other M
Complete the game on Hard Difficulty.
Ending Reward 5
Metroid Fusion
Complete the game in under 8 hours while playing on Hard Difficulty.
Ending Reward 6
Metroid Dread
Complete the game in under 4 hours while playing on Hard Difficulty.
Ending Reward 7 Unlock all Ending Rewards.

Rewards are tied to the difficulty you played. You cannot earn the rewards from Normal Difficulty by playing on Hard Difficulty.

How to Change Difficulty Settings

Choose from the Save File Selection Screen after Beating the Game

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After the game, you will return to the main menu where you can choose to continue your last save on normal mode, or start up a more challenging hard mode.

No Easy Mode

No, there is no Easy Mode for Metroid Dread. There is no easier difficulty setting other than Normal Mode. Upon finishing the game, you will only get to unlock Hard Mode.

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