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This is a guide to building Ms. Marvel in the Marvel's Avengers game. Know more about the best attributes, best gear perks, and best early game skills for Ms. Marvel below!

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Ms. Marvel Build Overview

Attributes ・Might
Gear Perks ・Faultless Inspiration
・Steady Inspiration
・Faultless Spark
Early Skills ・Shining Will
Major Artifacts ・Ring of the Nibelung
・Sacred Norn Stone of Lethal Will

Ms. Marvel can increase both her damage output and survivability with Embiggen (Ultimate Heroic) activated. This build focuses on increasing damage on Embiggen and getting Embiggen as much as you can with fast Heroic charging. This build also has increased survivability with Intrinsic upgrades.

Ms. Marvel Best Attributes

Might Increases melee damage
Valor Increases ranged damage
Resolve Increases Heroic effectiveness and critical damage

You will want Might to increase your overall melee damage as this build will focus more on her melee attacks. Valor will benefit your Embiggen as it will increase your damage and critical damage while it is active. Resolve will increase your Willpower and with the right upgrades, will increase your WIllpower regen.

Gear Stats Explained

Ms. Marvel Best Gear Perks

Gear Perk Effect
Faultless Inspiration % Chance melee Critical Attacks boost Willpower.
Steady Inspiration % Chance attacks grant a Willpower Burst.
Faultless Spark % Chance melee Critical Attacks grant a Heroic Charge Burst for all Heroics.

Perks that increase her Willpower or perks that activate through Critical Attacks are great on Ms. Marvel. Increasing her Willpower will increase her survivability and perks that activate through Critical Attacks will active frequently with the right upgrades when she is Embiggened.

List of All Gear Perks

Ms. Marvel Early Skills to Level

Primary Skills

1 Hip Check
2 Shining Will
3 Harpoon
4 Nutcracker
5 Whirlwind

Our walkthrough team considers these skills as the best ones to get early as they will increase Ms. Marvel's combat effectiveness with the fewest amount of skill points needed. Shining Will increases her survivability early on and the rest are great attacks to have.

Specialty Skills

Skill Tree Recommended Specializations
Support Heroic Will to Live
Focused Heart
Assault Heroic Down Low
Patty Cake
Ultimate Heroic Big Trouble
Fists of Fate

Mastery Skills

Skill Tree Recommended Specializations
Utility Heroic Energy Mastery
Stun Mastery
Heroic Takedown Mastery
Ranged Ranged Power Punch
Grab Protection
Heroic Grab Mastery
Efficiency Heroic Polymorph
Polymorphic Reduction
Polymorph Intensity
Intrinsic Ability Super Hero Endurance
Evasive Energy
Rapid Regeneration

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Ms. Marvel Best Major Artifacts

Ring of Nibelung

This is an all-around great artifact that will help in most situations as it can drop you Willpower orbs, Intrinsic orbs. and Heroic orbs From giving you health to charging up your Heroics. It will greatly help you keep your Heroics active as much as possible with the Heroic orbs it can drop.


An Artifact that will both help with both offense and survivability, both are the strengths of Ms. Marvel. If you need to survive for longer you can sacrifice your Heroic charge to heal yourself, something that can be easily done with this build.

And if you need to charge up your Heroics you can sacrifice your Willpower and charge up all your Heroics. You can heal back the lost health with Ms. Marvel's support Heroic.

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I don’t understand bethel best gear section. Can you find those perks on all pieces of gear or just like the wrist part of the gear?

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