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List of Unique Weapons

This is a list of all the unique weapons in the Demon's Souls Remake for PS5. Read on to find out what makes these weapons special and how to upgrade them!

What Are Unique Weapons?

Weapons Upgraded With Demon's Souls

Unique weapons are different from regular weapons in that they can't be upgraded by ordinary means, instead requiring the use of a special Demon's Soul. In the PS3 version there were a total of 34 unique weapons. Each of these weapons has special effects and can be quite useful.

Best Way to Use Demon's Souls

No Longer Tied to a Trophy

In the remake there is no longer a trophy for obtaining all 34 weapons. This means that you only need to obtain the weapons you really want to use or if you're collecting everything.

Trophy List and Guide

List of Unique Weapons

Unique Weapons and Location

Weapon How to Get
Baby's Nail Enemy: Sage Freke, the Visionary
Area: 3-1
Kris Blade Area: 2-1
Rune Sword Enemy: Ostrava, of Boletaria (Black Phantom)
Area: 3-2
Penetrating Sword Enemy: Metas, Knight of the Lance
Area: 1-3
Blueblood Sword Upgrade: Broken Sword
Large Sword of Moonlight Area: 5-2
Morion Blade Upgrade
Demonbrandt Event: Old King Doran
Northern Regalia Upgrade
Blind Enemy: Black Phantom Selen Vinland
Large Sword of Searching Upgrade
Hiltless Enemy: Black Phantom Satsuki
Area: 4-1
Magic Sword "Makoto" Area: 4-2
Geri's Stiletto Event: Sage Freke, the Visionary
Epee Rapier Enemy: Mephistopholes
Area: 3-2
Needle of Eternal Agony Upgrade
Dozer Axe Upgrade
Bramd Enemy: Garl Vinland Black Phantom
Meat Cleaver Upgrade
Hands of God Enemy: Blacksmith Ed, Blacksmith Boldwin
Area: 2-2
Istarelle Area: 5-1
Scraping Spear Upgrade
Phosphorescent Pole Enemy: Lord Rydell Black Phantom
White Bow Enemy: Long Bow Oolan
Event: Sparkly the Crow
Area: 4-2
Lava Bow Upgrade
Wooden Catalyst Merchant: 3-1
Area: 1-2, 3-1
Silver Catalyst Area: 3-1
Insanity Catalyst Upgrade
Talisman of Beasts Enemy: Black Phantom Scirvir
Event: Mephistopholes
Rune Shield Enemy: Ostrava, of Boletaria Black Phantom
Area: 3-2
Dark Silver Shield Enemy: Garl Vinland
Adjudicator's Shield Area: 4-1
Large Brushwood Shield Merchant: 1-3
Enemy: Biorr, of the Twin Fangs
Tower Shield Enemy: Alfred, Knight of the Tower
Area: 1-2

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