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List of Armor Sets

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This is a list of all the Armor Sets found in the Demon's Souls Remake (DS) for PS5. Clicking on each link below will direct you to a page with all the info for each piece of armor in the set as well as how to find them!

List of New Armor Sets

New Armor Sets
Barbarian Armor Blue-Eye Knight Armor Boletarian Royalty Armor
Burrower Armor Imperial Spy Armor Official's Armor
Penetrator's Armor Red-Eye Knight Armor

List of Old Armor Sets

Old Armor Sets
Ancient King's Armor Binded Armor Black Leather Armor
Brushwood Armor Chain Armor Dark Silver Armor
Dull Gold Armor Fluted Armor Gloom Armor
Leather Armor Mirdan Armor Monk's Head Wrappings
Official's Cap Old Ragged Armor Plate Armor
Rogue's Armor Saint's Armor Shaman's Armor
Silver Bracelets Silver Coronet Venerable Sage's Armor
Wizard's Armor

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