Demon's Souls PS5

Which Ending Should You Choose?

A guide on which action to perform to get which ending in Demon's Souls (DS) Remake. Read on to see the available actions at the last segment of the game, rewards for each action, and the result of each end.

※This article concerns the ending of Demon's Souls and contains spoilers!

How to Choose an Ending

Depends on If You Kill the Maiden in Black or Leave the Fog

At the last section of the game, you will be presented with either killing the Maiden or Leaving to let her lull the Old One back to sleep. You will gain an item depending on your choice which can be carried over to NG+

Items Obtained

Good Ending (Leave) Maiden in Black's Demon Soul
Bad Ending (Stay) Beast Demon Soul
Red Eye Stone

Both Items Are Useful But We Recommend Good Ending First

Both items have their use so you don't really miss out on anything. Choose the ending you wish but our team recommends going for the Good Ending to gain access to Soulsucker, a magic that can drain enemy's souls which can grant you more souls than normal and one shotting the enemy.

The Old One Walkthrough (Ending Guide)

After defeating the False King Allant in 1-4, head to the bottom of the Nexus to meet the main antagonist of the game.
Go inside to face the Final Boss of the game, King Allant.
After defeating King Allant, head further inside to reach the final destination.
After the scene, you are left with two choices: kill the Maiden in Black or leave the Old One's body to let the Maiden lull it back to sleep.

④ The Two Choices

Lull the Old One to Sleep - Good Ending

Letting the Maiden in Black fulfill her duty will cause her and the Old One to vanish. The Slayer of Demons has resisted the Old One's temptation.

Embrace the Old One - Bad Ending

Killing the Maiden in Black allows the character to take King Allant's place and will let the Old One cover the whole world in Fog.


It Is Impossible to Level After Clearing 1-4

After triggering the last section of the game, it will be impossible to raise your level by talking to the Maiden in Black. The souls you have, however, can be carried over into NG+.

Not Leveling Is Ok As the Last Boss Is Weak

Losing the ability to level your character is completely fine as the final boss is fairly weak and will go down quickly.

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Story Walkthrough

Tutorial The Nexus
Archstone of the Small King
1-1: Boletarian Palace 1-2: Phalanx Archstone 1-3: Tower Knight Archstone 1-4: Penetrator Archstone
Archstone of the Burrow King
2-1: Stonefang Tunnel 2-2: Armor Spider Archstone 2-3: Flamelurker Archstone
Archstone of the Tower Queen
3-1: Tower of Latria 3-2: Fool's Idol Archstone 3-3: Maneater Archstone
Archstone of the Shadowmen
4-1: Shrine of Storms 4-2: Adjudicator Archstone 4-3: Old Hero Archstone
Archstone of the Chieftain
5-1: Valley of Defilement 5-2: Leechmonger Archstone 5-3: Dirty Colossus Archstone
Which Ending Should You Choose?


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