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How to Upgrade Weapons

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This is a guide about how to upgrade your weapons in Demon's Souls (DS) Remake for the PS5. Read on to know how to upgrade your weapons, list of blacksmiths, and effects of each weapon upgrade paths.

How to Upgrade Weapons

Talk to a Blacksmith to Upgrade your Weapons

Blacksmith Boldwin Blacksmith Ed

There are Blacksmiths in the Nexus and Stonefang Tunnel. Both blacksmiths can take a look at your weapons and if given the necessary amount of Souls and materials, will upgrade the weapon to a higher grade or a different version.

Store Crafting Items

It is also unnecessary to bring all your crafting materials with you when you wish to upgrade your weapons. Crafting materials that are given to Thomas will automatically be used to drop all your crafting materials at the Nexus when the opportunity arises.

Weapon Upgrade Paths

Upgrade Tree Effects
Base Path Base Damage increased.
Quality Evens out Strength and Dexterity scaling.
Crushing Improves Strength scaling.
Sharp Improves Dexterity scaling.
Mercury Reduces base damage but can inflict Poison.
Dragon High base damage and adds fire damage but no stat scaling bonus.
Tear Reduces base damage but can inflict Bleed.
Fatal Improves Dexterity scaling and Critical damage.
Moon Lowers Strength and Dexterity Scaling but gains Magic scaling.
Crescent Removes Strength and Dexterity scaling but gains Magic scaling and MP Regeneration.
Blessed Gains Faith scaling and an HP regen bonus.
Sticky Improves Range and Dexterity scaling of Ranged Weapons but lowers Strength scaling.
Unique Weapon Upgrade using Colorless Demon's Souls.

Base Upgrade path

Further enhances the weapon's base qualities. Has 10 upgrades available compared to the other paths which only have 5.

Quality Upgrade Path

This upgrade path is great for builds that use both Dexterity and Strength since the scaling becomes even.

Crushing Upgrade Path

An upgrade path that makes use of the character's Strength stat. Makes your heavy strikes even heavier.

Sharp Upgrade Path

An upgrade path that utilizes the character's Dexterity stat. Make those speedy strikes hit harder!

Mercury Upgrade Path

Lessens the base damage but adds a Poison property to the weapon.

Dragon Upgrade Path

Removes stat scaling but increases the base damage and also adds the fFire attribute. Great early game weapons.

Tear Upgrade Path

Sacrifices base damage to apply Bleed to enemies.

Fatal Upgrade Path

Sacrifices base damage for more critical damage (Riposte and Backstab). A great weapon when combined with the Thief's Ring.

Moon Upgrade Path

An upgrade path that utilizes the magic stat. It also uses a little bit of strength and dexterity so it's a great weapon upgrade path for characters that invests in magic but also wants to keep some physical damage in play.

Crescent Upgrade Path

An upgrade path that utilizes the magic stat. Going for the Crescent path is highly recommended for characters that rely on magic to deal damage to enemies.

Blessed Upgrade Path

An upgrade path that relies on the character's faith stat. These weapons provide health regen and are a highly valued ability in Demon's Souls.

Sticky Upgrade Path

Exclusive to ranged weapons. The Sticky upgrade path lessens the Strength scaling that the weapons has but in exchange, it increases the Dexterity scaling and the range that arrows can fly.

Unique Upgrade Paths

Unique weapons can only be upgraded using Colorless Demon's Souls. The values these upgrades provide vary from weapon to weapon.

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