Demon's Souls PS5

Dexterity Warrior Build and Best Weapons

This is the guide to the Dexterity Warrior build for Demon's Souls for the PS5. Check here to find out what kind out of build Dexterity Warrior is, the stat alignment for the build, and our recommended weapons!

What is the Dexterity Warrior Build?

A Dexterity Specialist

The Dexterity Warrior is a specialist in Dexterity. Compared with other melee builds, it is lighter, can use more weapons, and can effectively fight from long-distance using a bow.

Dexterity Warrior Stats

Stat Alignment with Temple Knight (SL82)

Stat Level Important Points
Vitality 30 ・Increase your Vitality until 30
・Based on your skill, doing less than 30 is also possible
Intelligence 8 ・When not using buffs or Second Chance
・When using them, increase between 13 and 18
Endurance 40 ・Increase your Endurance to 40 for a comfortable amount of stamina
Strength 18 ・Increase to 18 to use some Dex weapons
Dexterity 40 ・All remaining points go to Dexterity
Magic 6 ・Not needed
Faith 13 ・When not using Second Chance
・When using it, increase to 16
Luck 7 ・Not needed

Put some points into Strength as well to meet all weapon conditions

While the Dexterity Warrior is mainly focused on Dexterity, some weapons such as the Uchigatana and Hitless require some Strength to wield. Of course by using both hands, it will take less Strength to wield them, but if you wish to wield them with one hand increase your Strength to 18.

Using the Dexterity Warrior Build

Melee fights are typically no problem

The Dexterity Warrior has no special gimmicks. Rather, making use of the build's speed to hit and back away is its bread and butter.

Carrying 2 weapons for PVP

When considering PVP, equipping 2 weapons could be an effective tactic. The movements of each weapon will be different, making your attacks hard to read. It is not bad to have another weapon ready as an option before going into a PVP battle.

Recommended Weapons for the Dexterity Warrior Build

Sharp weapons

We recommend to use Sharp weapons for this build. In terms of weapon style, try out different weapons such as curved swords, piercing swords, or spears to find out which style best matches with you.

List of Sharp Weapons

Scimitar Flamberge Broadsword
Spiked Shield Dagger Winged Spear
Short Spear Claws Hiltless
War Pick Spiral Rapier Estoc
Rapier Mail Breaker Uchigatana
Shotel Kilij Falchion
Parrying Dagger Secret Dagger -

The deadly Estoc

One option you want to make sure to have is the Estoc. This deadly piercing weapon can take out enemies in one hit with backstabs and reposts. We recommend you have this weapon in your arsenal.

Blind and Hiltless

When using unique weapons, we recommend Blind and Hiltless. Blind goes through opponents shields, and it useful when fighting against other players. Hiltless is a very powerful weapon that can cause Bleeding, but using it causes damage to the wielder as well. It also requires high Dex to use.

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