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Royalty Starting Class and Best Build

Royalty Class
This page covers the Royalty starting class for Demon's Souls for the PS5. Read on to learn about the starting stats, items, and gear for this class!

Royalty Traits

The only starting class with SL 1

Royalty's greatest trait compared to the other starting classes is its low Soul Level. By starting out at Soul Level 1, the ability to customize this class is greater than others. It may not be as high as other classes like Magician, but this class can quickly be adjusted to match the same stats, making it a versatile starting class.

Able to use long-range attacks from the start

Another specialty of Royalty is the ability to use long-range attacks from the start with the spell Soul Arrow. The Magician can also use magic from the start, but Royalty also comes with the Fragrant Ring, which slowly recovers MP over time. With this ring equipped, as long as time passes, you will be able to use your magic without having to replenish it with any items.

Recommended Builds for Royalty

Magic and Faith

The build that is easy to make with Royalty is the Magic and Faith build. Royalty has decently high Magic, Intelligence, and Faith from the beginning, making this build easy to create.

Magic and Faith Build and Recommended Weapons

Magic Warrior

Another recommended build is the Magic Warrior build. This build has somewhat lower Strength in the beginning, but Royalty's high Intelligence and Dexterity make it a natural fit.

Magic Warrior Build and Recommended Weapons

Royalty Stats and Starting Items

Royalty Stats

Vitality.png Intelligence.png Endurance.png Strength.png Dexterity.png Magic.png Faith.png Luck.png Soul Level.png
8 12 8 9 12 13 12 7 1

Icon Key

Vitality.png Vitallity
Intelligence.png Intelligence
Endurance.png Endurance
Strength.png Strength
Dexterity.png Dexterity
Magic.png Magic
Faith.png Faith
Luck.png Luck
Soul Level.png Soul Level

Royalty Starting Items

Rapier, Silver Catalyst, Buckler
Silver Coronet, Magician's Clothes, Gloves, Shoes, and Fragrant Ring
Magic: Soul Arrow, Half Moon Grass (4), Royal Lotus (3)

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