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How to Beat Old King Doran

This is a guide to defeating Old King Doran, an NPC and a side boss in Demon's Souls (DS) Remake. Read on to learn how to beat Old King Doran the normal way and other ways to cheese him to death.

How to Beat Old King Doran

Normal Method

General Strategy
checkmark.pngDon't Stay Too Far
checkmark.pngTwo-Hand Your Weapon For More Damage
checkmark.pngLearn His Attack Timing for Parrying

First Phase

During the first phase, he will be much slower and only require you to damage him for 1/3 of his total HP. Doing so will allow you to take the Demonbrandt in the shrine where Doran was located.

The Real Fight

Continuing to fight him will once again draw his aggro. At 50% HP he will become more aggressive and heal to full health if you stay away from him for too long (different from dropping his aggro through running away).

Normal Method Strategy

Two-Hand Your Weapon

Two-handing your weapon allows you to deal more damage. Approach Doran then launch a flurry of attacks until he rolls away. Roll away too and replenish your stamina then rinse and repeat.

Dodge His Attacks

There will be times when Doran will approach you and launch an attack. Dodge his attacks then fight back. This will cause him to retreat and reset the fight. Replenish your stamina then attack him if he doesn't approach and dodge if he does.

Equip Weapons That Can Cause Status Ailments

Weapons that can cause poison, plague, or bleed is helpful as Old King Doran has a massive amount of HP. Having some more damage to help whittle down his HP can greatly help in the fight.

Do Not Stray Too Far From Him

Keeping yourself locked in combat against him while being in a far distance will cause Old King Doran to heal. It is highly suggested to stay in a range where you can come to melee contact with him by using a single roll to avoid letting him heal to full health.

Keep Your Wits and Patience With You

The battle will be a long slog and one mistake can cause you to die or repeat the whole process. A high amount of patience is required to truly best Old King Doran in a fair fight.

Cheese Strategy 1 (Death Cloud)

Use Death Cloud or Poison Cloud on Old King Doran and watch him die. Arguably the most boring way to kill him but is effective nonetheless. You will need to be in range for either spell to make contact and both will need multiple reapplications. Once you apply the status effect, keep him in range so he does not lose aggro. Circling around the statue behind him is a fairly safe option.

Cheese Strategy 2 (Backstab)

For this method, you'll need the Thief's Ring so Old King Doran's aggro will drop more easily (him dropping aggro is different from staying far from him which causes him to use grass to heal himself). Fight him as normal and when he chases you, run outside up until the barracks.

When he's on the bridge, sprint inside the barracks then hide. If he continue to chase you, run outside the area with the catapults, if not, approach him for a backstab. If he did follow you, he will drop aggro after attacking once in the catapult area. Backstabe him when he does for free damage.

TL;DR Strategy

1 Engage in a Fight
2 Run outside.
3 When you both reach the bridge, sprint inside the barracks then hide.
4 If he drops aggro, backstab. If not, head outside to the catapult area.
5 When he reaches the catapult area, make him attack once to drop his aggro, then use a backstab.

Equip A Weapon With High Critical Damage

Weapons like a dagger will prove more useful with this method. Increasing your backstab damage can make this method faster. Further upgrading a dagger into the Fatal upgrade path can even make this method faster (but still slow).

Cheese Strategy 3 (Fall to Death)

Can be the most fun strategy or the most annoying one. Similar to the backstab strategy, you'll want to lure Old King Doran to the catapult area. When he reaches that area, keep on pushing him to the opposite tower (the one where you took the Cling Ring at the basement). Once you both reach the tower, push him to the center of the tower to make him fall to his death.

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