Demon's Souls PS5

How to Beat Maiden Astraea | May you be unharmed Trophy Guide

Maiden Astraea

This is a guide on how you can beat the Maiden Astraea boss in the Demon's Souls Remake for the Playstation 5. Read on to learn strategies, drops, and stats about the Maiden Astraea.

Maiden Astraea Stats

Basic Info

Valley of Defilment
Souls Drops Drops
23400 Pureblood Demon Soul None


HP 3055 Normal Def 116
Slash Def 116 Blunt Def 116
Pierce Def 116 Magic Def 99
Fire Def 88 Poison Res Immune
Plague Res Immune Bleed Res Strong

How to Beat the Maiden Astraea

Boss Guide Video Walkthrough

Not Killing Garl Vinland Method

Battle Overview
checkmarkDefeat Garl Vinland

checkmarkDon't Follow Garl Vinland to the Swamp

checkmarkBe Careful not to Fall

checkmarkBe Sure to Get the Dark Silver Shield

Defeat Garl Vinland

Garl Vinland

Maiden Astraea is a unique boss. She herself will not attack you. Instead, her protector, Garl Vinland, will appear to fight for her. If you defeat Garl Vinland and talk to Astraea, she will commit suicide.

Vinland Leaves Big Openings

Garl Vinland - Parry

Garl Vinland's specialty is his weapon Bramd, which leaves him with very large openings. You can attack him if you time your attacks well after he swings his weapon. You can also block his attacks, but it will eat a huge amount of stamina. Once you have learned his attack patterns, aim for a parry to quickly finish the fight.

Going Straight for Maiden Astraea

If you don't defeat Garl, on the otherhand, you can choose to attack her from afar with arrows to earn the May You Be Unharmed trophy. Having a good bow and a hefty supply of arrows will counteract her healing (Holy or Rotten Arrows are a good choice) and Garl won't come to attack you. Check the video guide above for more details!

Don't Follow Garl Vinland to the Swamp

Garl Vinland will withdraw to the swamp once you lower his HP to a certain amount. Do not follow him to the swamp because you will catch the plague, which will drain your health. You can use a bow to shoot him from a safe distance.

Be Careful not to Fall

If you fall down, there are enemies in wait that will attack you. If you fall, it is quite common to die, so be careful not to fall down.

Be Sure to Get the Dark Silver Shield

Garl Vinland will drop the Dark Silver Shield when you kill him. Make sure to take it as it is one of the strongest shields in the game. If you defeat Maiden Astraea without killing Garl Vinland, you can still get the shield by simply reloading the game and returning to his location where he is no longer present.

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