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Where to Find Crystal Lizards | Crystal Lizard Nest Farming

This is a general guide to hunting and killing Crystal Lizards in Demon's Souls (DS) Remake for the PS5. Read on to find out where each Crystal Lizard is, how to ill them, their drops depending on their location, and their spawn rate.

What is a Crystal Lizard

A Rare Enemy That Drops Crafting Materials

A Crystal Lizard is a shiny creature you rarely see when exploring the Archstones. They drop rare crafting materials so make sure to kill them (not by falling or you won't be able to get their loot) for those rare items.

Disappears After A Few Seconds

The Crystal Lizards will run away then pause for a few seconds. Make sure to attack them when they pause or they will successfully run away!

Crystal Lizards Does Not Infinitely Respawn

Crystal Lizards, once slain, will vanish entirely until you have slain a demon in that area. This means that slaying all demons will mean that you can never spawn additional Crystal Lizards for that Archstone, but the amount of times they spawn will stack with each demon slain, up to 4 times.

Crystal Lizard Drop List

Boletarian Palace Hardstones and Sharpstones
Stonefang Tunnel Hardstones, Sharpstones, Spiderstones, and Clearstones
Tower of Latria Moonlightstones
Shrine of Storms Darkmoonstones
Valley of Defilement Faintstones

Where to Find Crystal Lizards

Boletarian Palace

1-1 Found in the Executioner Ground right behind the 3 Dreglings.
1-2 Right after the stairs near the fog leading to the Tower Knight.
One can be found behind the fat official that's guarding Biorr's Cell.
1-3 In the middle of the stairwell where a soldier attacks you with a boulder.
1-4 Behind the 3 crossbowmen that's standing on the dragon's corpse.
Behind the wooden barricades just after passing the dragon's corpse.
Behind the 2 fat officials on the area you first encounter the blue dragon.

Stonefang Tunnel

2-1 On the left side of the Filthy Man
Behind the large group of Scale Miners.
2-2 Behind the 2-2 Archstone
There's a lizard behind a pile of sand on the upper levels
There's 2 lizards running towards their nest.
At the lower level, a crystal lizard's nest can be found. around 10 crystal lizards can be found here.
One can be found on the path leading to the Filthy Man
On the tunnel leading to the area with a lava, 2 lizards can be found behind the bearbug.
2 can be found on Scirvir's location.
Just before the fog leading to the Flamelurker, one can be found next to a ladder.
2-3 On the Dragon God's Area, one can be found on the passage to the left.
One can also be found next to the 2nd harpoon.

Tower of Latria

3-1 On the east corridor on the first floor.
3-2 Behind one of the Celebrity Vermin after passing the swamp area then heading to the circular flight of stairs.
3-3 Outside the Old Monk's room.

Shrine of Storms

4-1 Fall off the ledge near the tree where Sparkly is.
One can be found on the narrow ledge near the fog leading to the Adjudicator.
4-2 Past the illusory wall near the White Bow.
4-3 2 Crystal Lizards near the corpse that has the Storm Ruler

Valley of Defilement

5-1 Near the area where you fight the Plague Rats (jump from the ledge near the first fog)
5-2 Across the Raised Bridge.
5-3 At the right of the 3 depraved ones.

How to Kill Crystal Lizards

Crystal Lizards are cowardly creatures and will instantly run at the first sight of enemies. They have a wide detection range so approaching them will be hard.... normally at least.

Equip the Thief Ring

The Thief Ring allows you to sneak up on the lizards allowing you to get in melee range. This allows you to easily pick off the lizards one by one.

Use a Weapon With a Vertical Attack

The Crystal Lizard's small size causes most weapon attacks to miss. Use an attack that hits downwards to hit these elusive creatures.

Alternatively, Use Sorcery or Ranged Attacks to Hit Them

While sniping them may be hard, if you have a clear view of the lizard, sniping them becomes completely possible. For sorceries, you can opt for using high damaging spells like God's Wrath to immediately decimate Crystal Lizards in the vicinity (more on this later).

How To Farm Crystal Lizards

Hunt Them In Their Nest

The Crystal Lizards nest can be found in Stonefang Tunnel 2-2. There are a huge group of them in the nest and landing in the center then using God's Wrath can net you several rare ores.

Crystal Lizard Nest Location

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