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How to Beat the Adjudicator | One Shall Stand Trophy Guide


This is a guide on how you can beat the Adjudicator boss in the Demon's Souls Remake for the Playstation 5. Read on to learn strategies, drops, and stats about the Adjudicator.

Adjudicator Stats

Basic Info

Shrine of Storms
Souls Drops Weakness
11700 Swollen Demon Soul The Bird on its Head


HP 1306 Normal Def 93
Slash Def 93 Blunt Def 93
Pierce Def 93 Magic Def 118
Fire Def 100 Poison Res Immune
Plague Res Immune Bleed Res Immune

How to Beat the Adjudicator

Boss Guide Video Walkthrough (Ranged Method)

Battle Overview
checkmarkAttack Its Stomach to Make It Fall

checkmarkOnce It Falls, Attack Its Head as much as Possible

checkmarkStay Behind It to Avoid Danger

checkmarkUse Magic to Hit the Bird Directly

Attack Its Stomach to Make It Fall

First attack its stomach and make it fall down. If you attack around the knife sticking out of it, it will take less time to make it fall.

Once It Falls, Attack Its Head as much as Possible

Once it falls, attack its head. We recommend to hold your weapon with both hands to increase damage.

Stay Behind It to Avoid Danger

When you take damage or the enemy is getting ready to attack, take shelter behind it. Also, when the Adjudicator attacks, it is safer to roll to the left.

Use Magic or Arrows to Hit the Bird Directly

Go to a high place and use Magic or arrows to hit the bird on the Adjudicator's head. He can't reach you, but his attacks can still damage you even if you're above him. If you run to one side, you can bait his sword attack then run to the other side of the arena to get some shots in and repeat.

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