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How to Beat the Armor Spider

Armor Spider
This is a guide on how you can beat the Armor Spider boss in the Demon's Souls Remake for the Playstation 5. Read on to learn strategies, drops, and stats about the Armor Spider.

Archstone of the Digger King
2-1: Stonefang Tunnel 2-2: Armor Spider Archstone 2-3: Flamelurker Archstone

Armor Spider Stats

Basic Info

Stonefang Tunnel
Souls Drops Weakness
5950 Hard Demon Soul Magic


HP 1732 Normal Def 135
Slash Def 149 Blunt Def 122
Pierce Def 108 Magic Def 80
Fire Def 179 Poison Res Immune
Plague Res Immune Bleed Res Immune

How to Beat the Armor Spider

Battle Overview
checkmarkGet Close and Bait a Slam Attack

checkmarkBuff Weapon with Sticky White Slime

checkmarkBe Sure to Avoid Web Shots

checkmarkDash to the Entrance When It Sprays Fire

checkmarkDon't Block Near It

checkmarkWhen Fighting at a Distance, Increase your Flame Resistance

Get Close and Bait a Slam Attack

Armor Spider - Bat and Slam Attack.gif
After the Armor Spider's slam attack is the biggest opportunity for you to attack. If you get close enough to it you can bait a slam attack. Roll away to dodge the attack, then attack it.

Be Sure to Avoid Web Shots

Armor Spider - Avoid Web Shots.gif
If the Armor Spider hits you with its web shots, your character will move slowly. You can avoid it by dodge rolling to either side when it is about to shoot webs.

Dash to the Entrance When It Sprays Fire

Armor Spider - Dash to Entrance.jpg
Once the Armor Spider begins to spray fire all over the room, run towards the entrance of the tunnel where it cannot reach you.

Buff Weapon with Sticky White Slime

The Armor Spider is weak to magic. Buff your weapon with Sticky White Slime in order to deal more damage. If you have a decent amount, keep applying the buff during the battle.

Don't Block Near It

Including the slam, all of the Armor Spider's physical attacks take a large amount of stamina to block. Try to dodge by rolling as much as possible.

When Fighting at a Distance, Increase your Flame Resistance

When fighting at a distance with a bow or magic, we recommend increasing your flame resistance. Prepare by using Water Veil or equipping a ring with fire resistance.

Armor Spider Cheese Strategy

Snipe It From the Right Side of the Entrance

Just after entering the fog, immediately head right then ready your bow until you can see the Armor Spider. From this area, only its web attack will hit you (which deals extremely minimal damage) while you can freely hit it with arrows.

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