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1-1: Boletarian Palace Story Walkthrough and Map

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This is the story walkthrough for 1-1: Boletarian Palace in the Demon's Souls Remake (DS) for PS5. Keep reading for maps, tips on how to complete this stage, a list of NPCs, and items that can be found!

Archstone of the Small King
1-1: Boletarian Palace 1-2: Phalanx Archstone
1-3: Tower Knight Archstone 1-4: Penetrator Archstone

1-1: Boletarian Palace Story Walkthrough


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Walkthrough Chart (1st Part)

You will spawn at the entrance of Boletarian. There will be several Dreglings hiding on the barricades so approach them with caution.
After clearing the initial area, head left to find a gaping hole and an undead with a crossbow. Use your shield to block the arrow then make your way to the archer. Falling into the pit will result in instant death!
Proceed to the barracks and be prepared for ambushes. The area will be dark so putting your shield up and trekking slowly will be the key if you want to get through unscathed. You'll also want to use piercing moves as the area is cramped and will cause your attacks to bounce off the walls.
After clearing the barracks area, you will reach the first fog door guarded by two undead that use fire bombs. Move sideways to avoid the bombs while chipping away at their health with attacks to take them out.
Head through the fog then slowly make your way up. Similar to the barracks, this area is dark with occasional enemies using firebombs from above. Move slowly and use your shield to survive.
Before reaching the topmost area, there will be an undead that will roll a boulder when you approach, immediately retreat when the boulder rolls down to avoid damage.
At the top, head right first (the path opposite to the area with the second fog door) and clear the enemies to avoid a potential pincer attack (do not head further and provoke the Red Eyes Knight). Head to the front of the fog then eliminate your first Blue Eyes Knight.
The knight can easily be dispatched by using ranged magic attacks or by using a Riposte.
Before entering the fog, head to the opposite area from where you climbed then descend down the dark area. You will encounter Dreglings with flaming attacks and ignitable barrerls. Trek slowly and let them detonate the bomb themselves.
After reaching the most bottom part, use the lever to reveal a shortcut for your next run then loot the nearby corpse to claim a Cling Ring.
The Cling Ring reduces the amount of health lost while in Soul Form. Extremely valuable if you don't want to shift the world's tendency to black by dying while in human form.
Return to the fog area that was guarded by the Knight then infront of it lies an area you can drop. Do so and claim the crossbow. Return to the fog area to proceed to second half of this area.

② Gaping Hole

large hole
Upon this area lies a large hole that if you fall into, resulsts in an instant death! Instead, put up your shield and approach the enemies in the area slowly to avoid an accidental death.

③ Barracks

Entering open doors like this will often result in death if approached carelessly. More often than not, enemies will lie in ambush in places like this. Use your shield then approach slowly to observe the area before making your move.

⑤ Flaming Boulder

flaming ball
Before reaching the topmost area, the enemy will roll a boulder at you (potentially killing you if hit).

⑦ Opening the Shortcut

shortcut leading to cling ring
The path leading to a lever that unlocks a shortcut.

Opening the shortcut is a great way to save time if you wish to easily navigate the area. You can also destroy two chains on the way to the depths of the second area to make 2 corpses fall. They can be looted for some nice items. The Cling Ring is also a great to increase your character's survivability.

Walkthrough Chart (Second Half)

After entering the second fog door, you can jump down on the ledge to aid Ostrava. After doing so, he will roam the area and will slay demons one by one. If he falls, he will be permanently gone so after aiding him, it is wise to stay with him until you clear the area.
Once you're done clearing the area, make your way back to the second fog then follow the path until you see a Dregling with a cross bow. Make your way there and defeat it then climb higher to encounter your third (second if you didn't help Ostrava) Blue Eyes Knight. Defeat it then enter the third fog.
After entering the third fog door, hit the wooden cage at the end of your path to unleash several boulders. They will roll sideways and will eliminate all the threats along the path.
Make sure to not position your self infront of the boulders unless you want to experience an immediate death!
You will also notice the dragon's roost with several charred bodies that can be looted. It will be hard to approach it now due to the dragon that's guarding it but achieving Pure White World Tendency in Boletaria will cause the dragons to disappear!
Head further until you find a bridge with several enemies. Do not dive in immediately! The dragon will appear and will use a breath attack against all the units in the bridge. Head slightly inside until you see the dragon leaving before you move on.
After getting through the bridge, head inside then activate the lever you'll find. This will cause the massive gate at the entrance to open up. This is also the area where you'll fight your first major demon (aside from the Vanguard which is a tutorial boss)
Delve in further. Look for the stacks of barrel and destory it to reveal a corpse where you can loot a Pine Resin. This will be really valuable against the area's boss.
Continue further in. The area will be dark so you'll want to use your shield a lot. You'll also encounter Hoplites that use spears to stab at you. They have a shield on their face so you should roll past them and attack from behind to kill them quickly
Reach the deepest area and use the Lever to unlock the second shortcut. This will also be an exit that leads straight to Boletaria's entrance. Before passing through the fog, prepare some firebombs and the Pine Resin as well as some grasses for an easier fight.

④ Dragon's Roost

The Dragon's Roost is home to several charred bodies. The dragons will use their breath at anyone that approaches and you're no exception. The dragon will disappear if you change the world's tendency to pure white. The roost is also home to the Ring of Great Strength and the Purple Flame Shield.

⑧ Hoplites

Beware when approaching these creatures. They have a shield in their head(?) and a spear that can easily poke you if you try to fight it upfront. It's weak to fire so use firebombs or roll past it and attack it from behind.

Boss: Phalanx

HP Drop
1150 Lead Demon Soul Effects and How to Get
Use Firebombs and/or Pine Resin.

How to Beat Phalanx

1-1: Boletarian Palace Tips and Tricks

Tips Summary
checkmark.pngBeware When Entering Closed Areas
checkmark.pngRoll Through Barrels
checkmark.pngAlways Ready Your Shield
checkmark.pngMake Sure to Get Pine Resin and Firebombs
checkmark.pngPath to Executioner's Grounds
checkmark.pngThe Mausoleum Key

Be Careful When Entering Closed Areas

After clearing the starting area and entering the barracks, a Dregling will ambush you from the side. Always be careful when entering areas like this. You can approach slowly and slide the camera sideways to spot enemies hiding on the sides.

Roll Through Barrels to Destroy Them Quickly

Instead of attacking barrels, you can roll through them to quickly get through the minor obstacle instead of wasting time attacking them.

Always Ready Your Shield

Already mentioned on our Tutorial guide. Always raise your shield to avoid potential surprise attacks from enemies. Specially useful in dark areas.

Make Sure to Get the Pine Resin and Some Firebombs

Phalanx (the boss of the area) is extremely weak to fire attacks. Having some firebombs, a Pine Resin, and maybe even some fire spells will greatly aid you in the fight.

Path to Executioner's Grounds

executioner ground
The Executioner's Grounds can only be accessible by having a pure world tendency (either black or white would work). Executioner Miralda in her human or black phantom form can be found here depending on the world tendency and several items can also be looted in the area.

The Mausoleum Key

Old King Doran and Demonbrandt

The Mausoleum Key is used to open the door thas is behind the Red Eye Knight on the path near the 2nd Fog Gate. Old King Doran makes his home in this area and his challenge can be completed to gain Demonbrandt which doubles it's damage when you have pure white character tendency. He can also be slain to get the Ancient King's Set and the Eternal Warrior's Ring.

1-1: Boletarian Palace NPCs

Ostrava of Boletaria

HP Acquired Soul
900 550
Dropped Items
Mausoleum key

Ostrava can be encountered after entering the second fog. Instead of following the path, jump from the ledge to see him surrounded by a lot of Dreglings. Defeat them to save Ostrava. He can also potentially fall from the enemies so aiding him by clearing the enemies in the area guarantees his survival (for now).

Where to Find Ostrava of Boletaria

Executioner Miralda

HP Acquired Soul
950 4550
Dropped Items
Binded Armor Set, Master's Ring

Only Appears in Pure White World Tendency

To make Executioner Miralda appear, the World tendency needs to be pure white.

Where to Find Executioner Miralda

Black Phantom Miralda

executioner miralda
HP Acquired Soul
1900 7550
Dropped Items
Guillotine Axe

Only Appears in Pure Black World Tendency

Similar to the pure white world tendency, making Boletarian Palace reach pureblack world tendency will cause a black phantom version of Miralda appear.


Items For Sale

Item Soul Item Soul
Crescent Moon Grass 100 Half Moon Grass 400
Fire Bomb 500 Soldier's Lotus 200
Long Sword 1500 Club 500
Short Spear 1500 Light Crossbow 2000
Wooden Shield 500 Soldier's Shield 1000
Slave's Shield 100 Wooden Bolt 10
Plate Helmet 1000 Coat of Plate 1500
Plate Gauntlet 1200 Plate Leggings 1200

The Dregling is your friendly merchant in the entirety of Boletarian Palce. His wares will also prove useful if you still haven't cleared the Phalanx since his items are the only things you can get with souls at this point in time.

1-1: Boletarian Palace Items

Thief's Ring Cling Ring Poison Resistance Ringe
Flame Resistance Ring Ring of Herculean Strength
Jade Hair Ornament
Purple Flame Shield
Brushwood Armor Set Pine Resin x4 Old Ragged Armor Set
Mail Breaker Bastard Sword Scimitar
Light Crossbow Demonbrandt

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