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This is the page for the Demonbrandt weapon in the Demon's Souls Remake for PS5. Read on for this weapon's stats, upgrade information, and where to get it!

Demonbrandt Stats and How to Get

Demonbrandt Stats

Demonbrandt Icon

Type Attack Type Phy Atk Mag Atk Fire Atk
Large Sword Normal 130 110 0
Str Bonus Dex Bonus Magic Bonus Faith Bonus
- - - -
Required Stats Durability
Str: 18 Dex: 14 Mag: 0 Faith: 12 400
Weight Repair Cost Blacksmith
5.5 3500 Searing Demon’s Soul

Only Normal and Quality upgrades are available in the Nexus

Demonbrandt Status Effects

Bleed Poison Plague Crit
- - - -

Demonbrandt Damage Reduction

Reduction % Guard Break
Phys (60) Mag (10) 45

How to Get Demonbrandt

How to Get
Event: Old King Doran

Fight Old King Doran

In order to obtain Demonbrandt, you must first impress Old King Doran by taking off around 20% of his HP. Old King Doran is located in the locked Mausoleum. The key can be obtained from Ostrava or his corpse.

Easy Method

One easy and somewhat cheatsy way to knock Doran's health down is with repeated backstabs. If you can go past him and get behind the large statue inside the building, he will reset back to his starting position. Sneak up behind him and perform a backstab. He will approach you, but if you retreat back to behind the statue, he will turn back around. Rinse and repeat until he recognizes you and then take the sword from the stone.

Demonbrandt Analysis

White Tendency Weapon

This powerful weapon cannot be used unless you pass Old King Doran's trial. This weapon also becomes stronger the Whiter a character's Tendency is. There is also a damage penalty for players who leans more towards the Black Tendency.

Component For Northern Regalia

One of the most powerful weapons in Demon's Souls is the Northern Regalia. This weapon cannot be obtained without the Demonbrandt. Similarly, the Northern Regalia will increase in power depending on the Tendency of the player. However, there is no penalty now if the Character Tendency is Whiter or Blacker. It gains more power the Whiter or Blacker it is.

Demonbrandt Upgrade Stats and Materials

Demonbrandt Upgrade Stats

Level Phys Str Dex Magic Faith Bonus
+0 130 - - - - Deal more damage to enemies with white character tendency.

Demonbrandt Upgrade Materials

Level Upgrade Material (Shard/Large/Chunk/Pure) Upgrade Cost
+0 ( ) 1310

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