Demon's Souls PS5

Best Miracles

Check here for our list of the best miracles in Demon's Souls for the PS5. If you are looking for the best miracles, how to use them, and how to obtain them, read on!

Second Chance

Second Chance.png

It's Not Over Yet

Second Chance is a life-saver of a miracle, literally. Equipping this before boss battles or PVP can get you a second chance by reviving you after your HP reaches 0. This miracle's uses are pretty straightforward. It will always come in handy.

Second Chance Effects and How to Get



Recover HP

Regeneration will health your HP over time. This is a useful miracle that can be combined with the Regenerator's Ring and Adjudicators Shield for even greater effect.

Pair with HP Draining Builds

This miracle can be used with Cursed Weapon to cancel out the HP draining effect.
Regeneration Effects and How to Get

God's Wrath


The Wrath of God

God's Wrath emits a blastwave that deals damage based on your Faith stat and knocks enemies back. If timed correctly, this can be used in PVP to hurl your opponent off the edge.
God's Wrath Effects and How to Get


No More Farming Grass

For Faith builds, Recovery can restore a great amount of HP when used. It will save you the hassle of having to ration your grasses.
Recovery Effects and How to Get



Useful in Times of Peril

Cure will be greatly appreciated when in areas such as the Valley of Defilement. Having Cure on hand will make getting rid of Plague and Poison afflictions quick and efficient without having to search through your inventory while your health plummets.

Cure Effects and How to Get

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