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2-1: Stonefang Tunnel Story Walkthrough and Map

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This is the story walkthrough for 2-1: Stonefang Tunnel in the Demon's Souls Remake (DS) for PS5. Keep reading for maps, tips on how to complete this stage, a list of NPCs, and items that can be found!

Archstone of the Digger King
2-1: Stonefang Tunnel 2-2: Armor Spider Archstone 2-3: Flamelurker Archstone

2-1: Stonefang Tunnel Story Walkthrough


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Walkthrough Chart

After entering the area, you'll immediately spot the Dirty Old Man. He's the area's merchant and you can purchase some grindstones from him. You can also purchase the Pickaxe but it can be looted later on in the area.
To the left, you can find a Crystal Lizard. Be sure to not let it escape!
After purchasing any necessary supplies, head right to enter the mines. The miners can easily be killed with backstabs and are a great source of weapon materials. In the next room, there are three War Dogs. They are fast and can overwhelm you quickly so put your shield up and take them one by one.
To proceed, enter the room that houses a Fat Official with a whip. Its whip attack can deplete your stamina when it hits you while you're guarding so stay at a distance then dive in after it uses its fireball attack to slowly chip away at its health.
To proceed further, follow the right path (the one where there's a miner with a pickaxe). Follow the path until you reach a wide area.
Your goal in this area is to activate the lever (there's also a ghost near the lever to spot it easier) located near the ground where the Fat Official is stationed above.
Beware when using the bridge that's connected to the platform that the Fat Official is standing at. Its center will collapse so stand on the edges to reach the Official.
After activating the Lever, make your way up and look for the newly opened door. It should be easy to spot since it's a fog gate and it appears white amidst the darkness.
Upon entry to the next fog area, you will encounter some Fire Lizards. They are easy to beat by using magic attacks. Going near them and using physical attacks is not recommended as they deal damage upon contact.
It is also possible to bait them and wait for them to attack. When they do, they fall over and are temporarily vulnerable to melee attacks so if you don't wish to use ranged attacks, this is the way to go.
The path from here is pretty linear except for a few notable areas. You'll see a circular area with several flaming lizards, there is a Dragonstone that can be taken from the corpse there. There's also a flaming pit that has several lootable corpses, you can use a mechanism to pour water there to remove the fire later on.
After moving forward, you will notice a fork in the road. Make your way through the mine and activate the lever to unlock the elevator.
At the bottom of the elevator lies Blacksmith Ed. He's another blacksmith that will aid you in your runs by upgrading your weapons.
Make your way through the fog gate and head through the smithy. Upon entering the open area, you'll notice a Crystal Lizard to the left. Beware though, it's backed up by a horde of miners. Roll through the explosive barrels to your right, circle up, then drop down behind the miners.
Doing this will allow you to freely kill the lizard and net you some crafting materials.
Make your way up to encounter a horde of Fire Lizards, use magic to bring them down. After getting through the Fire Lizards, make your way down slowly, there are 2 War Dogs in the area. Dispatch them to proceed.
Make your way down further until you find a wheel and axle, use it to pour water on the previous flaming area. Fall to the area near you for a shortcut. Return to the flaming area and pass through it.
Do not be at ease with the lack of enemies, before seeing a stair that leads downward, head inside cautiously. There's a Fat Official that uses fireballs to ignite the barrels in the area, wait for him to attack then clear the barrels before dispatching him.
That path will again, be pretty linear from here. There's an elevator you can use but before doing so, be prepared. The elevator leads directly to the boss.
Taking a look at the area, you'll notice several spiderwebs. This should give a clue on what the boss will look like for Stonefang Tunnel.

② Miners

Farm the Miners
There are several miners in the area that aren't hostile. Leaving them be will not make you lose out on a lot of stuff but pay notice to the miners that are carrying a sack. They drop several crafting materials so at least, make sure to kill those.

⑤ Lever

The lever you need to look out for. This will unlock the gate that leads to the next fog area.

⑧ Flaming Pit

Temporarily inaccessible until you pour water in it. Leads to the area's boss.

Boss: Armor Spider

HP Drop
1732 Hard Demon Souls
Bait it's slam attack then attack!

How to Beat the Armor Spider

2-1: Stonefang Tunnel Tips and Tricks

Tips Summary
checkmark.pngTake the Battle Axe
checkmark.pngBring Magic
checkmark.pngPractice Riposte and Backstab
checkmark.pngFarm weapon materials

Take the Battle Axe

battle axe
At the area where there are miners throwing stones at you, you can dispatch them and loot one of the corpses in the area. You can obtain a Battle Axe +1 from the body.

Bring Magic

flame lizards
Several enemies are vulnerable to magic in this area. Bringing long-ranged magic will surely aid you in this run. Take the Flame Lizards for instance, they deal damage when in Melee range so using magic like Soul Arrow can easily take them down.

Practice Your Riposte/Backstab

The area will be infested with miners. These miners are incredibly slow so timing a good Riposte or positioning properly for a backstab will often allow you to dispatch them in one hit. They are also good “training partners” to get a good timing for your parries later on.

Farm Weapon Materials

The Miners that carry sacks can drop several items that can be used from crafting your weapons. Upgrading your weapons can drasticall improve your damage output so it is highly recommended to farm materials for them as soon as possible.

2-1: Stonefang Tunnel NPCs

Blacksmith Ed

HP Soul
1250 2420
Dropped Item

Reach Ed's Smithy Via Elevator

ed elevator
Can be encountered at the bottom of the elevator that you can use as a shortcut near the entrance of Stonefang Tunnel. You can find the Lever pretty easily inside the mine. This will also be a shortcut for your future runs in Stonefang Tunnel 2-1.

Where to Find Blacksmith Ed

Dirty Old Man

Dirty Old Man 1
HP Soul
350 13
Dropped Item

2-1: Stonefang Tunnel Items

Sticky White Slime Crushing Battle Axe Hardstone Shard
Large Hardstone Shard Sharpstone Shard Large Sharpstone Shard
Dragonstone Shard Spiderstone Shard Spiderstone Chunk
Meltstone Shard Pickaxe Upgrades Steel Shield
Kris Blade Poison Resistance Ring Clearstone Shard

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