Demon's Souls PS5

High Class Warrior Build and Best Weapons

This is the guide to the High Class Warrior build for Demon's Souls for the PS5. Check here to find out what kind out of build High Class Warrior is, the stat alignment for the build, and our recommended weapons!

What is the High Class Warrior Build?

A Strength and Dexterity specialist

The High Class Warrior build has both high Strength and Dexterity. Another merit of having both stats high, is that if one stat should need to be increased during your playthrough, you have the ability to make adjustments even late in the game compared to other builds.

High Class Warrior Build Stats

Stat Alignment with Temple Knight (SL94)

Stat Level Important Points
Vitality 30 ・Increase your Vitality until 30
・Based on your skill, doing less than 30 is also possible
Intelligence 8 ・When not using buffs or Resurrection
・When using them, increase between 13 and 18
Endurance 40 ・Increase your Endurance to 40 for a comfortable amount of stamina
Strength 30 ・Increasing to 32 at most is effecient
Dexterity 40 ・It's also fine to increase to around 50
Magic 6 ・Not needed
Faith 13 ・When not using the miracle Resurrection
・If using Resurrection, level up to 16
Luck 7 ・Not needed

The Required SL is Very High

Going with the Dexterity Warrior will require a high Soul Level. Also, if you plan to incorporate stats to account for weapon buffs, then the level will need to be even higher.

Using the High Class Warrior Build

Use various weapons

The High Class Warrior does not have any particular specialties. With a Strength of 30, this build has no problem using most weapons, and the ability to use weapons from the Pure Strength build and Dexterity Warrior build is a plus.

Enchant Weapon

The High Class Warrior has relatively low fire power compared to other melee builds, so the use of the Enchant Weapon spell will become important. Black Pine Resin combined with a suitable weapon can also make taking down enemy demons easier.

Recommended Weapons for the High Class Warrior Build

High Quality Weapons

The High Class Warrior will of course fit best with high quality weapons. However, one point to be careful of is that high quality weapons have to be leveled up for their true power to be used. Weapons that have been upgraded to +10 can take a lot of time and resources to invest in, so it is not optimal to only use high quality weapons in the beginning.

Use the weapon you like

One merit of the High Class Warrior is the ability to use whatever weapon you like. The specialty of this class is having the freedom to use different weapons based on what works for you, what kind of opponent you are facing, and what kind of play style you are going with.

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