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7 Anonymousabout 1 yearReport

Found a way to get it without having PWWT. Overjoyed is an understatement

6 Anonymousabout 1 yearReport

Uk based PSN Bower_Tron

5 Anonymousabout 1 yearReport

Yes! I killed the dragon god and I’m on neutral world tendency - I learned about tendency too late and I want the dragon bone smasher badly!

4 Anonymousabout 1 yearReport

Do you still need help to white? I do also. AceBull52 UK based.

3 Anonymousover 1 yearReport

Can some invade me a few times and let me get white character tendency? 100h in need that ally ring....psn dpaddyhoudini

2 Anonymousalmost 2 yearsReport

Anyone around in an hour (14:30 GMT) who's confident in a fight against Old King Allant who'd like to help me beat 1-4?

1 iSShover 2 yearsReport

Hey guys. I messed up and dropped the Officials Gloves before knowing about send to storage. Can anyone help and let me borrow them for Yuria? My tags iSSh and soul levels 45.

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