How to Beat Old King Allant | Demon's Souls PS5

Old King Allant

This is a guide on how you can beat the Old King Allant boss in the Demon's Souls Remake for the Playstation 5. Read on to learn strategies, drops, and stats about the Old King Allant.

Old King Allant Stats

Basic Info

Boletarian Palace
Souls Drops Weakness
75500 False King Demon Soul None


HP 5967 Normal Def 207
Slash Def 207 Blunt Def 207
Pierce Def 207 Magic Def 217
Fire Def 198 Poison Res Strong
Plague Res Strong Bleed Res Strong

How to Beat the Old King Allant

Boss Guide Video Walkthrough

Battle Overview
checkmarkDodge All of His Attacks! Do Not Try to Block

checkmarkAttack when He Stabs His Sword into the Gound!

checkmarkWhen Not Attacking, Keep Your Distance

checkmark Avoid His Grab Attack at All Costs

Dodge All of His Attacks! Do Not Try to Block

Old King Allant - Dodge Attacks
Dodge all of Old King Allant's attacks by rolling. If you try to block with a shield, there is a possibility of your block being broken and taking the next attack head-on.

Attack when He Stabs His Sword into the Gound

Old King Allant - Attack When He Stabs the Ground
When Old King Allant stabs his sword into the ground, he will begin preparing for his large AOE attack. While he readies his attack, he will be vulnerable, so use this chance to attack him.

When Not Attacking, Keep Your Distance

Old King Allant - Keep Distance
When not attacking, be sure to keep your distance. Bait him to use his AOE attack by staying at a range just outside of his melee attacks.

Avoid His Grab Attack at All Costs

Old King Allant - Avoid Grab Attack
When his hand not holding the sword begins to glow, he will begin preparing for his grab attack, Soulsucker. This attack not only deals a massive amount of damage but also lowers your soul level by one if hit. Be sure to avoid it at all costs.

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